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  1. I have a COS and I have done some reading on mods to it for better heat control and more even cooking I should add some bricks to the cooking chamber to help hold the heat.  Where can I get these kind of bricks around metro Detroit / Ann Arbor?  Are they available at Home Depot or Lowes?  Is lava rock an acceptable substitute?  I know Wal-mart sells grill stones like a lava rock and they are pretty cheap?
  2. HD has fire bricks--$32 for a 6-pack with free ship to store.  Tractor Supply has them at $2.99 each:  plug in your zip code to see about store availability.

    I wouldn't use lava rock in a cooking chamber, as it seems to me like a cleaning nightmare as porous as they are in an indirect cook application.  My $0.02
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    yeah any fireplace store might have them or some home improvement stores i  bought  a  couple to put in my firebox they work great 
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    some people don't like water pans... i like them and you can really even out your temps in a COS... i had a brink man for a long time and i didn't modify anything... just used charcoal, dry wood chips and a water pan and it worked OK.

    I'm not saying fire bricks are a bad idea in any way for the record.
  5. I had a brick as in one used in construction loose in the garage.  It gets wrapped in foil and into the offset when cooking indirect.

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