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Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by xtexan, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I have spent the last year and 1/2 perfecting my brisket and ribs (or so I think). But have never really smoked chickens, except for a few breasts.
    Soooo...I would like some info. I amfamiliar w/ brining but any info would help. What methods do you guys use? Cook times, etc, etc. It is my understanding that chickens are relatively easy to do and this is probably what I should have started smoking????
    Let the posts begin....

  2. I very recently smoked two whole chickens which turned out very well. I posted a pic in the poultry a couple weeks ago if you want to see a pic. I used Jeff's rub on the inside/outside and even mixed some into a can of beer (half full). Set the birds on the cans and smoked with hickory at 235/240 until they reached temp. I think it was 165? I'd have to check my notes to be sure of temp, but I let them rest for about a halk hour than served with johnny cake and taters.
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    I smoke a ton of cornish game hens. They have such a great flavor without doing a darn thing to them. When I'm being lazy, I just let them thaw and lay them in some curled up foil to catch the juices and smoke them at about 250-275. Baste regularly with some EVOO. If you are a skin eater, finish them up over a hot grill to crisp it up.

    If I'm cooking for other people, and want them too look good, I do a version of can chicken using the game hens and cleaned out starbucks cold coffee cans (red bull cans work too.....I just don't like red bull). I use a mixture of Dr Pepper, EVOO, Garlic, and Onion in the can. Stick a piece of apple wedge in the neck cavity to block some of the can steam.

    Whichever method I use, I pull the birds when the inner thigh hit's 165. Wrap them in foil and let them coast to 170. Yardbirds are good stuff! They take on smoke very well. In fact, I'd use a mild wood like peacan. If you use something stout like hickory, use in moderation.
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    I've done a few chickens with the injection brine and beer can method, it works very well, but Geek summed it up perfectly, I can't add any more than what he said. Just go for it.
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    I think alot of people brine them, but I don't bother. Shake on alittle Memphis Rub and throw them on the smoker till you hit 160º internal.

    Unless you can smoke at 325º + the skin will be rubbery. Since I cannot, I transfer them to a hot grill till I hit 175º internal (my wife wants her chicken done)

    It always comes out quite moist. Even without brining.

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