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    My wife bought a pre-cooked, hardwood smoked ham from the grocery store. I would like to smoke it for real and give it more flavor. My question is this:
    With my GOSM what temp should it be smoked at to pevent it from drying out, what internal temp (if even necessary since it's already cooked), and what wood. I have Cherry, Apple, Alder, and Hickory.

    Thanks in advance for the help! I'm not the professional my family thinks I am. I just take the credit from the help from everyone here.
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    Total=4 hours

    Smoke it for 3 hours with your cherry and apple at about 260 degrees, then glaze it with a mixture of bbq sauce and brown sugar, cook one more hour or so.

    BUT____FIRST, wash the ham, score it diagonally criss cross 1/4 inch deep, rub canola oil, sprinkle with a lot of black pepper, begin smoking as above and after an hour, began basting with apple juice---and keep going like said above:)

    You'll love it
  3. I did one at Christmas and used a method very similar to Steves. There were no leftovers and everyone raved about it. [​IMG]
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    the only way i do hams is on the webber with hot coals probably about 350 four 3.5-4 hrs the bark is about 1/2 '' thick and wow will blow your socks off.you'll never cook one in the oven again![​IMG]
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    Thanks, You guys are great!! I really appreciate all the help and recipes given so freely!
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    old thread, but how often should you be basting it after the first hour? and does it need any after smoking prep? like wrapping it in foil and towels to rest for an hour?
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