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  1. stann

    stann Fire Starter

    Ok, let's talk cured, aged, uncooked ham. About a 15 pounder, bone in.........educate me, please.
  2. crankybuzzard

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    Well, you might want to give a hint about what you want to know... Cured ham is good! Aged ham is dryer than non... Bone in means it's really a ham...

    Any help?
  3. c farmer

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    So its bone in, cured, aged and uncooked. I would cook it at 225-250 until it reaches 150 IT. Bast with real maple syrup.
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Smoking it on the Egg in your profile picture?

    It sounds like a wonderful ham. I'd smoke it using your favorite wood. And let the ham shine. Without knowing the cure and spices used. Why ruin it by slathering it with mustard, spices, glazes?

    Just saying, simpler may be the best.
  5. stann

    stann Fire Starter

    I pretty well layed it out there about what I know. Not much help, no, but thanks anyway.

    Ok, now we're getting somewhere. That's what I'm looking for. Brine or no? How long, if so? Will that temp get you slice temp? How much higher for a good pull?

    I like simple! Yes, I'll be doing it in the egg. I'm in love with that thing! Good point, I don't know about spices yet either, I just love the taste of a good ham.

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