Ham, ribs, fatty's and more...

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ds7662, Nov 26, 2007.

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    I know its been a while since I posted. Last week was crazy and really didn't have much time to type.
    Saturday I fired up 2 of the 3 smokers and here is what went on:
    1 ham pre-cooked and spiral cut, cooked to 150*
    2 fatty's, 1 with cream cheese and shredded cheese, olives,mushrooms,oinions,and peppers. The other with slices cheeses and the other same ingredients.
    4 racks of spare ribs done 3-2-1, rubbed then used sweet baby rays at the end.
    1 meatloaf
    2 deer roast. They were soaked over night, then injected to help keep them moist. Then a rub was applied and to top it off bacon was placed on top to add some flavor. Both cooked to 160*
    Finally did some abts. Had run out of bacon so I used some pancetta.

    I did't get prep pics or ones while it was cooking. Was busy doing about 20 other things at a time.
    Here is the q-view however of some of it finished.
    The ham.

    Ribs breaking apart before I could get the foil around them.

    1 of the fattys


    1 of the deer roast before slicing.

    And the abts whats left.

    Wife said this was by far the best smoke I had done yet. She loved the ribs and the venison. Everything else was good as well.
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    Man thats some good lookin grub. Now my keyboard's all wet from drooooool.
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    That looks GREAT!! And if you're getting good reviews from your other half, ya can't ask for much more than that. [​IMG]

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