ham hock terrine

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    I got inspired by Smoking B s great showcase so I figured I would make a classic French version from my Pork & sons cookbook.

    So I look in freezer 1 no hocks,better get to Chinatown. Buy up bring it home on the light rail look in freezer  2 [​IMG]  Ham hocks x2 + 2 frozen un cured unsmoked hocks.

    Anyway its winter here almost bit hard to take it seriously in shorts & t shirts with people still ocean swimming but its what you are used to. So I will make a bunch of hocks & some ribs in my version of brine. They are great for soups etc.

    Let them sit for a week then smoke them as per usual.

    I bought these big bottles(2 litres) of German beer way back as Xmas presents 2012 This guy out of date its a 2 litre bottle Altenmunster ,next to it is Coopers Stout great Aussie brewers ,the rest of my brine is water,brown sugar,salt,bay leaf ,chopped oranges,Cure 1.

    The terrine is going to be a sort of layered deal,I will have a buffer of a green herb mix between the meat. Parsley,some cooked shallots & garlic all pureed together,then build it up the stack. I will boil a couple of pigs feet with the hocks to get the extra gelatine when I get rolling. 

    I will take the finished product to a lunch next week.

    I buy EVO in 20 litre drums from the farm gate then break it down between my friends so the bottles will come in handy.
  2. Hello.  Sorry I missed this.  A pork terrine done right is a really nice thing, even if just served on toast or crackers.  Then if you add in smoked pork,  you have scored a wicket.  You may be done and dusted now.  I do like your threads.  You always have something interesting to share.  I have tried a couple of your dishes and they always come out well.  OK, I may not be able to get monitor lizard tail, water buffalo tongue or kangaroo testicles but my guess is that you have never eaten rattlesnake, armadillo or javelina. I love reading about those things.  [​IMG]   Keep 'em comin!  Keep Smokin!

  3. Count me in for this!  [​IMG]   I never made one with layers - I always just made the "pig Jelly" as we called it. I bet yours is really gonna be good!  [​IMG]
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  5. ak1

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    I'm in!
  6. moikel

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    I havent made this one before. 

    Its got to go to a lunch my GF is putting on at her house.

    I grabbed 2x trotters yesterday.

    The layer deal is a bit of a challenge because I am not a neat cook.

    Its parsley,shallots,garlic.made into a paste.

    I found some other recipes with a veg layer ,like pencil leeks but I need to cut this into slices so I dont want to complicate it.

    I will use some gelatin just to make sure it sets.

    Haven't made a jelly style terrine since the octopus attempt. Didnt quite get  that one over the line.AAAA+ on taste but didnt set well enough.

    I will make it in a day or so so it sits in fridge for 2 full days before saturday.
  7. moikel

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    Hocks from previous smoke ,I found 2 in the freezer. I will trim the ends before I boil.Most of that dark is sugar residue ,I need the liquid clear other wise I wouldnt bother.

  8. Nice looking hocks man  [​IMG]
  9. moikel

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    I like it because its old school cookery.I cook whats around me hence some of my leanings towards SE Asian. Sydney is super multi cultural so its a great place for adventurous eaters.

    I had a kangaroo scrotum coin purse but it went missing Ex wife with no sense of humour prime suspect.
  10. foamheart

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    Be glad it was the kangaroo's. In the states it doesn't work that way..........LOL

    I'm definitely in, I love your cooks to begin with BUT adding smoked cured trotter....... It may be too much to handle!
  11. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Chucked this in a pot just know,smoked beef tongue.Tonights dinner while I get my head around this terrine deal.I have to clear out freezers to fit enough dog food in to carry the time I am in New York[​IMG]

    I can't put beef tongue in the terrine. I will end up like the kangaroo,GF will freak.

    Slow poach ,onion,celery,carrot ,bay leaf.

    Then I am going to peel, it slice it &  hard fry it fast..Serve it with a little salsa verde & a fennel & orange salad .

    I may add  some of this poaching water to the pot that I do the hock in. 

    Got to get gelatine & big bunches of parsley tomorrow.
  12. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Salsa verde ,no capers so I went with a chilli,lime instead of lemon& threw in the fennel fronds. Rest is standard,parsley,garlic,anchovies,peppercornsEVO.

    I am adding the stalks off the  fennel to poaching liquid for hock with a carrot ,onion ,celery.2 trotters ,bay leaf,splash of white wine vinegar.
  13. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Its a bit of catch as catch can with the bits for the poaching  broth but I think thats the point. What throw out the fennel trim & parsley stalks[​IMG].Its a big hock weighs in at 1.2 kg it will take a fair while to poach I don't want it to be super soft.

    I will do it over 2 nights.
  14. moikel

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    Thats dinner I didn't fry it after all I was to hungry to wait. Bit of toasted french rye bread from the lovely Southern French  couple at the farmers market. Pretty tasty.

    Checked terrine recipe I added a few cloves. Mine will end up being a mix of a couple of recipes but I won't mess with the method.

  15. moikel

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    Back to terrine,thats the full pot,I found another pigs foot with a bit more after the ankle on it ,split in the freezer. It went in.Gave it a big slug of box chardonnay . I will have to take it off now to cool it off enough to get it in fridge.

    The recipe from Pork & sons had a lot of rinsing & soaking changing water but its for ham. My hocks not that salty to begin.

    I will set out recipe when I finish it . This could be a while.[​IMG]

    I will give it a skim,then turn it off.
  16. Looks like it's coming along nicely man!
  17. Hello.  Lookin good so far.  I know you don't need my advice but when I have seen Chefs on tv do the layer thing they always do it in "layers".  Pork layer, let set slightly in fridge, veg layer, let set slightly in fridge, pork layer, etc. etc..  A bit time consuming.  Was that your plan?  Keep Smokin!

  18. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I don't have " a cunning plan that can not fail" as Baldrick said in Black Adder.
    However I think its first things first get the right mould.
    Next I think going off the written recipes I have its build it up then pour the liquid in all at once so it sets as a block. I need to serve this by the slice.
    There are a lot of versions of this out of Britain as well as France. I am more rustic than fancy I want this dense & meaty. Bit like me.:biggrin:
  19. I don't have the book you do but any I have ever made or seen made growing up were done that way - meat arranged in mold then pour all the "jelly" in at the same time. I've never tried doing one layer at a time & letting it set but I'd say that would take a lot of extra time & might make for some interesting slicing  [​IMG]
  20. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I dont want to get to caught up in the history of it but in Pork & Sons they say this was a dish that was made in the spring when the hams were coming out of the drying/seasoning room. Lots of spring parsley.

    I am not French & it ain't spring down here.[​IMG]. I am sort of combining a few different takes on it but keeping the method fairly standard.

    I went with fennel trim & stalks because thats in season here. I think I  will layer it ham,parsley mix,ham then concentrate on getting the jelly right.

    I am a little concerned about salt because the frozen trotter was salted pork from the Portuguese butcher that I just threw in.[​IMG]  Didnt remember that at the time.It doesnt taste salty but its going to reduce a fair bit yet.I might put a couple of whole potatoes in as a precaution to soak up the salt on the next stage of the simmer.

    I should have enough gelatine from 3 trotters.

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