Had sixty people realy happy happy on sat.

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  1.  Cooked up 15lbs of brisket (upper right corner) two 8lb pork butts 3 racks of ribs 25 chicken 1/4s and this time I smoked some beans. also cooked 25 chicken 1/4 on the front grill
  2. Nice job.  Mind sharing your cooking time line?
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    That is a nice looking smoker full of great food!

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    Woot! That looks like a party!

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    Looks like everyone would have happy tummies!

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    Looking good, I love your Rig!

    I see you're a Sweet Baby Ray fan.

    Is that a New Braunfels in the back ground?
  7. We ate at 530 pm, started the smoker at 8 am temp was 225 for everything. brisket went in as soon as it hit 225, the pork butt went in at 11am. ribs hit the smoke at 1pm. when I put the ribs in I put the brisket and the pork butts into allum pans and covered tight with foil. after 2 hrs on the smoke the ribs got wrapped. the chicken was par cooked in the oven at home for 20 mins . I put that on the smoker at 230. at 445 everything returned to the rack for a 20-30 min tighen up time. mopped the ribs afew times with sweet baby rays :)

    the pork butt was injected with apple juice before hand and the brisket was injected with a mixture of kosher salt and light brown sugar melted in water  and injected the night before. all products got a nice rub down with my secret blend..... ok everything in the spice rack ....so much for a secret :)
  8. Oh yea I put the beans in a metal pan so they were 2 inchs deep and kept stirring them for 3 hrs.... OMG they were so gggooooood !!
  9. Nice looking grub.  Good job.
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    Looks great!

    How do you get 8 pound butts to pulling temp in 6.5 hours in a 225* smoker?
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