Habanero and carrot hot sauce

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  1. Thanks to Smokin - K for the recipe - I think it turn out fantastic. Definately plenty of heat.




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    Link ??  Recipe ??  Thx !!
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    That sounds like a great combo. With the sweetness of the carrots & the heat of the peppers, I bet it was real good.
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    It looks hoooot it will do good in a chicken sausage 
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    Looking Good.

    Home brew, quick question

    Is the smell of the sauce totally different than the taste of the sauce.

    I am working on a batch of hot sauce, in my 7th week and it smells ok but raw or green if you know what I mean, However the taste is awesome, its pure fermented peppers low salt and no vinegar.

    I guess I would compare it to if you juiced a tomato, it doesn't smell like the tomato tastes but smell like the green from the plant. No im not crazy, just not sure how to word it!

    I was just curious if yours smelled totally different than the taste?
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