Ha e I been grinding wrong?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by lennyluminum, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Ever since I've started making sausage I all ways grind once through the large plate then once through the smallest plate. I do this for all my sausage and burger meat.

    Is this wrong?
  2. c farmer

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    Why do you think it might be wrong?

    Many ways to grind meat.
  3. mummel

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    I used to do the same, but the 2nd run in the grinder was a complete PITA (suction problems in the drop chute).  I only use the coarse plate on my LEM nowadays and it works great.  Cant see myself using the finer plates anytime soon. 
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Number and size of grind depends on use. I like coarse grind for Chili and Kielbasa but a fine grind for Burgers and Brats. It's all your choice, no right or wrong...JJ
  5. I guess I see a lot of post where people are just using the coarse plate or the medium plate. not to many people talk about using the fine plate.
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  6. tropics

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    If you and your family are happy,with the product you have been making.Why Change anything? I have recipes that call for double grinding,most recipes call for fine grinding the fat.

  7. goliath

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    i have changed up a bit and like the coarse plate for grinding the meat, but if i can separate the fat from the meat i will grind my fat with a small plate. just looks more appealing to some people. they dont see these larger pieces of fat but totally enjoy the meaty look of a coarse ground kielbasa....

    they dont understand that the fat content is the same ...  LOL

    Just mt 2 cents

  8. boykjo

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    When I grind..............when making cured smoked sausages I use a 7mm plate ground once. Fresh sausages I use the 4mm plate ground once. Hot dogs and bologna type sausages I use the 4mm plate and triple grind. All with no seasoning.

    its all a matter of preference.
  9. for deer burger I grind once thru the course plate and once thru the fine plate .

    for sausage,brats or salamis I grind once thru the fine plate which gives a little bit courser sausage texture which I like better
  10. maple sticks

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    I did use a 5# grinder which had 1/4" holes in what they called a medium plate and only ground once, never a problem. Now I use a new 12# grinder and their medium plate has 3/8" holes. I figured close enough so I used it. I will be getting a plate with 1/4" holes (6MM) i didn't like the larger grind for summer sausage.
  11. I also use the fine on my deer meat. Haven't found a hair yet![​IMG]
  12. westby

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    For my Andouille, I run once through a very course plate (and I cut up some small chunks to mix in like the NOLA recipe calls for).

    For most everything else, I run it through a course plate and then a medium plate.
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  13. daveomak

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    Lenny, morning.....   Some recipes call for grinding fat through the fine plate....  that is so the fat can get distributed better in the sausage...   The meat is ground through the size plate that gives the tooth or chew you are looking for... 

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