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  1. Hey guys I have a few questions about making "summer sausage" out of ground beef.  I've done this a few times using a recipe from Bearcarver for his meat logs.  Taste great and I was pleased with it as well as everyone that tried it.  However, I'm ready to try something different.  My thoughts were I'd like the consistency to be a little firmer.  I don't have a stuffer and I prefer to not use casings.  The last time I made this I actually used my jerky gun with nothing on the end stood it on the cutting board and packed the log that way and then pressed it out on the counter.  I was thinking though if I had a finer grind of meat that it would possibly pack tighter.

    I use what I think is 80/20 ground beef from the locker plant.  (my in-laws are cattle farmers)  I wondered if I could run that beef through our food processor on pulse for a short time to maybe get a finer grind to it and perhaps also distribute the spices more before pressing it out of my jerky gun again to make the log.  Any thoughts?

    And my second question is.  If I could use the food processor to do this could I grind in some bacon perhaps for some more flavor?
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    I would not run thru food processor,,,,Larger tube of sorts?? Maybe let it sit for an extra day before stuffing to firm up,,,, Mix real well,, yep you can add bacon, jap peppers, cheese ect the list goes on.... As far as a flavor these can go caseless

    maybe an Idea for you also  same concept just no stuffing ingredients, instead of using a tube. 

    This turned out just like cotto salami very good, but next time I think I would add more pepper flakes 

    Good luck and let us know. 

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    I don't know what that locker plant does, but most of the time ground beef is ground twice already.  So I also would not use the processor.  It should be just fine as is.  By mixing the seasonings in the meat you will slightly emulsify the meat anyway.  Yes add what you want prior to mixing the batch.  Reinhard
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    Using  90/10 ground beef and adding little water to the meat when mixing in the seasoning will help with firmness...

    My 2 cents

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