Grilling with smoke on Weber gas grill

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by coyote-1, Jun 10, 2009.

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    I have the red Weber gas grill with the wood shelves, the predecessor to the Weber Genesis model. It has the "flavor bars", three long ones above the gas elements and six (I think) short ones atop that.

    Rather than buy a steel box or other gizmos to produce smoke, I simply use a 6" square of 1/2" expanded steel between the two levels of flavor bars. After the grill has preheated a bit I drop in some wood chips on top of that expanded steel; when they begin to smoke, the meat goes on.

    I vastly prefer to grill over coals with wood chips, but when time is short or when circumstances or weather otherwise dictate I use this method. Gives the food a nice hint of smokiness without fuss.
  2. donnylove

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    Sounds like a winner to me. Good way to get smoke into a burger or a steak!!!
  3. I have a weber S470 that has a dedicated smoker box and burner and I use it on a regular basis as well. It works well for what it is and it does lend a slight smokey flavor to burgers, chicken, and other quick grill items. IMO it is not near the same as low and slow nor does it add the smoke flavor that low and slow does.
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    Great tip!

    When you break it down, good BBQ comes from heat and smoke, both under control. Whether you are burning propane, watts, charcoal or wood, it's the control of these two things that makes good 'Q.

    Well done!

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