Grilling Beef Tenderloin Kebabs for Sunday Football.........

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  1. Happy Football Sunday Everyone! (explanation for the truck photos below)

    Yesterday, I grilled some Beef Tenderloins Kebabs for our family fun day.  My Beef Tenderloin Kebabs disappeared as soon as I put them one the table!  Good thing I saved a few for me to grill today........that's what you call "thinking smart!"  Enjoying my Beef Tenderloin Kebabs today for Sunday Football.  Have a great day and enjoy some great football AND food!

    Be Blessed,


    P.S. I was using my cousins it took me a few extra minutes to figure out how to cook on her really small grill.  I busted her chops and told her to get a REAL

    Beef Tenderloin Kebabs prepared by "The Roed to Good Cooking"

    Me doing my grilling thang on my cousin's really small girlie grill !!!

    My Beef Tenderloin Kebabs almost ready to eat.

    Finished Beef Tenderloin Kebabs done.

    My cousin's lunch table. There was MORE food at the other end of the table.....

    I'm leaving for Texas on Tuesday to pickup my new truck my big brother is GIVING me with a clear title.  I have the most awesome big brother ever.  He said to me, "Sis, Real women drive big trucks"! I tried to post a photo of my truck right here but for some reason it posted it at the top of the page. ;o((
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  2. b-one

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    Way to work with what you had,they look great! Congrats on the truck,are you use to driving it yet?
  3. yeah I have learned how to use whatever I have on hand to use with my catering biz lol.  If I am catering an outside gig, I usually take MY grill or smoker with me.  I know how MY grill and smoker work........

    I won't get to drive my new truck until I arrive down to Texas on Tuesday.  I will be driving back to Vegas on Wednesday.  I am used to driving a large vehicle so worries.  should be fun to drive! Enjoy all the games today b-one.

  4. c farmer

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    Great cook. Like was said. A great cook can make good food with anything.
  5. Amen to that.  Thanks!
  6. seenred

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    Looks awesome Josie...we love steak kebabs! Nice job on the tasty grilled goodness! Congrats on that pretty new truck...and on having such an awesome brother! Thumbs Up

  7. awwww thanks Red.​

    Have a blessed week!


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