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    The last of the Safeway tri-tip hit the grill last night along with some larger red potatoes sliced thin on the mandoline with some garlic & red onions tossed into the pouch for good measure ala DirtSailor. Did an overnight dry rub marinade and used indirect heat on the Stok grill. Slathered on some Yoshida teriyaki the last few minutes just 'cause I like it and some asparagus for me that missed the photo shoot. Scored the asparagus for 98 cents a pound! For an appetizer I made up some 'pig peckers'.....sausages wrapped in bacon then rolled in a Cajun rub that I added some brown sugar to. YUM!!

    pig peckers---great finger food appetizer

    Safeway deal--3.98 a pound

    red taters, garlic and red onions in a foil pouch over direct heat

    asparagus missed the shot in my haste to chow down

  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Looking Good Chef Willie! I smoked another Tri-tip last night, Was fantastic!
  3. tonybel

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    Very nice!
    I like your style... Well done.
  4. kathrynn

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    Wonderful....looks really yummy!

  5. thoseguys26

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    How many people were you feeding! Looks Great![​IMG]
  6. i almost bought a Tri-Tip to smoke today but thought I'd take a chance and try a slow smoke and reverse sear on "London Broil" (i.e., Top Round, I think). We will see how it goes, its stalled right now.

    My guts says I should have bought the Tri-Tip.

    Hope it comes out looking half as good as yours did!


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