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Discussion in 'Veggies' started by duckstruck, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. duckstruck

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    I love to BBQ and cook outside and I am told I'm pretty good at it.

    If I have an Achilles heel or something that gets the best of me its grilling corn. I don't know what it is. I follow recipes word for word. Maybe I just don't like it.

    At this point I'm not throwing in the towel, I'll just have to conquer it,
  2. daveomak

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    ds, morning.....  I don't like grilled corn.... maybe it's because I can't make it either......  I soak mine in a bucket of water for an hour, then throw it on the grill to steam....  seems to come out tough and without much flavor....   If you and I are doing it the same, we both need a different recipe......

  3. brekar

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    When I grill corn I leave the husks on it, but peel them back and smear them with mayo, salt, pepper, and whatever spices sound good, then pull the husks back up, tie them off and grill them for about an hour on a hot grill. Always a hit with my family...
  4. dgilley

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    OK y'all.  I'm going to post my recipe for grilled corn that is much easier than y'alls and will taste so guuuuuut yer socks will roll up-n-down like window shades.  Watch for my post.
  5. scooter-man

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    [​IMG]  - want to hear this one.
  6. macboogie

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    Here is how i do it and it always seems to come out great. 
    1. pull back husk (do not rip off) and remove all those lil hair pieces. 
    2. soak in water for 30 minutes
    3. pull out of water and dry off.
    4. using your hand and a pad of butter kinda stroke the corn (no jokes) and push butter inbetween each and every kernel. 
    5. sprinkle with garlic salt
    6. put husk back over corn and tie off the end on any cob that the husk didn't go back in place well leaving a lot of kernels exposed (usually use a small piece of husk)
    slap on the grill and I cook until when I push it i can feel the kernel's feel soft. very little browning ever happens to the kernels even in direct heat.I bet some smoked butter would work out damn fine with this, never tried it but that's next on the list of to-do items. 
  7. fwismoker

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    Dave you're just not getting good corn if it doesn't have much flavor....tough??   If it's tough you're not cooking it long enough or too much.

    I've been grilling Indiana sweet corn most of my life and i do similar to you.  

    1) soak in water for a few hours minimum, usually for 10-12 hours

    2) DO NOT remove husk or silk

    3)Foil if grilling high direct heat, or no foil indirect heat

    4) When it's done remove husk and silk

    Wide mouth jar of water filled with hot water and melted butter poured over the water....allow butter to settle on top

    5) Dip corn into water and up slowly through the butter

    6) ENJOY!!!
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  8. dougmays

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    I love the wide mouth jar technique! I'm going to keep that in mind! Maybe add some more flavor on top of the butter/water
  9. phrogs4ever

    phrogs4ever Fire Starter

    I've never soaked my corn.  I buy the whole ears, remove the husk and silk, spray around the ear with spray butter, dust with either chili powder or bbq rub (depends on what the meal is), and grill for 20 minutes.  I rotate them a quarter turn every five minutes and get thoroughly cooked, ever so slightly charred and buttery corn every time.  Thirty minutes start to finish, simple.
  10. Love BBQ corn. Don't have it any other way!
    1) buy sweet yellow corn
    2) remove husk and silk
    3) place in foil with butter, garlic, and salt/ pepper to taste.
    4) wrap loosely and grill for approx 20-30 minutes

    Note : you'll know its done when the color is bright yellow and water like. Ill post some pics of mine I'm doing tonight for dinner
  11. Try wrapping it in bacon,it's awesome !!!no need for butter.just keep turning it , so good!
  12. Growing up in Ft. Wayne, IN...I've learned that soaking corn will remove the sugar especially if its for longer than 10 minutes.

    A simply peel back and clean is all you need, the husks wont absorb much water when soaked.

    If you must soak, simply dunk in water to load the husk with a little extra water when grilling.

    Grill for about 20 minutes turning several times with the husk on....The water in the husk basically helps to boil or steam the corn.

    Remove, lather in butter and sprinkle with salt.

    Charred husks on makes a nice presentation.

    Boiling corn is very easy, 10-15 minutes tops but, I add sugar to the water to compensate for any sugar being removed in the process.

    My favorite way is to fully clean the corn, remove everything and break in half.

    Throw on the grill at high heat for a 3 minutes, turning several times...with a little char is ok.

    Have some foil ready to go to wrap each piece.

    I wrap half of them with some butter and a pinch of salt (for the kids)

    The adult half, I brush mayo, sprinkle pepper and just a bit of asiago or parm cheese....maybe even some chili powder, depends on the crowd.

    After they are wrapped, I throw them on the top row while I char some flesh!

    Just the way I've learned and I have no complaints...Corn is great, easy and fun especially this time of year

  13. If we already have corn with the husk removed (the grocery store did it for us), I wonder if we could just substitute foil for the husk?
  14. redneck69

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    wrap in foil
  15. Thanks!
  16. I just did silver corn tonight. Removed husks and silk, covered in mayo and parmesan cheese. Wrapped in foil over direct heat for 15 minutes. It was great.
  17. puke

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    I am looking for smoked corn recommendations, but... Growing up in Indiana my parents always boiled our corn. Somewhere I learned to foil and grill it and have never looked back. Remove the husk and silk, add lots of butter, and wrap it up in foil. Can't beat the butter flavor. I rotate it often for 20-30 min alongside my burgers or chicken.
  18. 1. carefully peel back the husks

    2. remove all the silk

    3. apply a small amount of butter to the corn

    4. carefully put the husks back in place, so all the kernels are covered.

    5. use a 2 inch strip of foil on the free end of the husks to secure the ends, crimp down

    6. throw them in a smoker set to 225 for 2 hours 15 minutes.

    7. remove and eat them till your eyes bulge.

    Start with fresh, and not frozen corn for this to work.

    Comes out perfect every time.
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  19. bluewhisper

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    To me, the smell of roasting corn says State Fair.
  20. Deep fry! Grew up with boiled and then did it deep fried. Wow and everybody that tries it can't believe how good it tastes even without any butter.

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