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  1. G'day,

    I am Anthony, transplanted to the Puget Sound Region of Washington states compliments of the US Navy.  Originally from Colorado moved to Idaho, and then joining the US Navy to serve my country and follow the ones I admire and consider my heroes {those that have received the CMH and who have paid the ultimate price}. While in the navy I needed to serve my community some way so I became a volunteer firefighter. Had a significant emotional event and found my lifelong love of all young lads . . . and became a career firefighter.

    Being a firefighter one needs to be able to cook good meals that the crews well like. Love to cook Créole' style of food but, was introduce to smokers.  First just a Weber grill, moved to a Brinkmann smok’n grill charcoal smoker, to a charcoal fire box offset and now a Treager Texas grill.  Smoke on the Treager year around and have tried as many different meals and way to prepare them.

    I like to hunt and fish so anything that I harvest whether it be deer, elk, game birds {chukar, Hungarian partridge, quail, pheasant}, or fish, it all goes on the smoker.  Yes, I have failed with some of my dinners but, that is how you learn sometimes.  But, with that being said, if I harvest it I eat it whether it is a meal I would write home about or not.

    With all that being said, I am open to trying anything and everything.  My loving wife cringes every time I see and recipe I would like to try, for it means a new cook book or magazine even if it is for one recipe.

    Keep smoking/grilling and may all your meals be feasts.

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    welcome Anthony, thanks for your service to both our country and your community.  Glad to have someone on board not afraid to try new things. 
  3. rabbithutch

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    Howdy, Anthony!

    Thank you for serving - both in the US Navy and as a firefighter!

    Did anyone tell you that we like QView?

  4. bassman

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    Welcome to the SMF, Anthony.  My wife and I are currently visiting her sister in Bremerton.  You could probably throw a rock and hit my motor home.[​IMG]
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    Antony, welcome......  Thanks for your service to this great country and for helping others in the community.....  Your bride won't cringe at the  new recipes here.....  no books to buy, no TV to watch unless ECTO1 makes more commercials.... although, they are some of the best commercials I have seen, and informative too....  There are so many recipes here and variations of the same, you should be in hog heaven....  I believe you are addicted to smoked stuff and this is the best forum for learning from great folks willing to share all their secrets....  I think we will be learning from you also.... Hang in there and enjoy the long smokey ride....  Dave

    PS.... pictures..(q-views) are pretty much mandatory..... we love pics..... hope you have a digital camera or a phone or something...  hate to see the ugly.....[​IMG]or[​IMG]

    ..........or when it all comes together[​IMG]
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    HOWDY !
  7. scarbelly

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    Hello Anthony 

    Thank you for all you have done and for all you do - Welcome to SMF 
  8. Welcome to SMF and thanks for your service to this great country......[​IMG]
  9. mneeley490

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    Welcome to the PNW Anthony! So,  Bremerton, Everett, or someplace else?
  10. nwdave

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    Hello neighbor.  Just up the road from you, near the Canadian border.  Lots of smokers that belong to this site call the PNW (what we locals call the Pacific NorthWest) home.  Proud to have you visiting us while serving in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club (been there, done that and have the haze gray T-Shirt).  If you're really lucky, you're stationed at Whidbey Island NAS.  Lots of good neighbors and you'll discover we appreciate your service.  Since you on a new path, both in residence and smoking, please feel free to ask.  Betcha you didn't know that just up the road is ...........  well, that's something for another conversation.....

  11. jp61

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    Hello Anthony and [​IMG]  to SMF!

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