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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by traemac, Aug 1, 2016.

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    I was wondering if anyone that has purchased a GMG could let me know about their experience?  I have contacted several dealers and most are the standard GMG online price no negotiating that is the price.  However I have found a couple that are less than listed price online.  Is there a better time to buy or better place to buy?  I am in the Oklahoma City area looking to buy the Jim Bowie model.

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    I too was looking for a deal on a Jim Bowie and found a good buy on a pellet pro... just recieved it yesterday.
  3. I just bought one on Sunday. I got the Daniel Boone. Right now GMG is doing a sale for Labor Day where you can get $50-$100 off. I went to my local dealer after seeing the Labor Day price and they granted me the sale price at my dealer. I picked up the Daniel Boone for $549. So far, all I have done is the initial burn in. Tonight I'm looking to grill a couple filets, so we'll see how they turn out.
  4. I have 2 GMG. They regularly run sales. Last year I bought a Daniel Boone during their Thanksgiving/Chrismas sale. It was their best sale I've seen. Last week I bought a Davey Crocket. I'm planning a whole Labor day weekend breaking it in and using it. Any of their dealers should honor their sale price. I was tired of hauling around my DB in my truck to head up north, now I have one that travels well. I really like my DB, and am hoping the DC cooks similar.
  5. Not sure about GMG specifically but a lot of local dealers will through in setup and delivery and a few bags of pellets to make it a better deal.

    That is what I did for my PG500 a few years ago. They not only put it on my deck but took my old gasser off, saving me the trouble of finding a neighbor without a bad back. Also received 100# of pellets thrown in.
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    I have a Jim Bowie and a Davy Crockett.
    I am never using my Masterbuilt ever again.
    Set it and forget it Temps, WiFi.
    Got them on sale at a commercial stone supply place. They were happy to throw in 4 bags of pellets, an interior rack, rubs and a cover.
    The Davy Crockett stears the show at every motorcycle swap meet I attend.
    I love it.
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    To bad you weren't close. I hate my GMG and rarely use it. I would make someone a deal so I could get back to a Traeger.

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