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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bostonbbq, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. After the sharp cheddar cheese settled and firmed back up in my July 4th fatty, it turned out pretty well! However, what was better was when I had it for breakfast this morning....

    You don't really need pics of this but all I did was take a slice of my fatty about 1/4 inch thick, microwaved it and placed it in a toasted english muffin. Turned out just like a breakfast sammy from heaven!! Much better than a typical breakfast sausage sandwich I would have gotten from Dunkin' Donuts. I'm sure a bagel would work just fine too.

    I'm sure you "pros" around here have done this before but for a guy new to smoking and even newer to making my own fattys, this was a real treat. [​IMG]

    I just realized I never really posted WHAT was in my fatty in yesterday's Independence Day Picnic! thread....

    Fatty ingredients:

    - Roll of Jimmy Dean's sage flavored breakfast sausage
    - Vermont sharp cheddar cheese, sliced
    - Half of white onion, finely chopped
    - Three cloves of chopped garlic
    - Extra sage flavor added into filling ingredients
    - Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, brown sugar spice rub (typically used for my pork smoking)

    Flattened out with a rolling pin after taking it out of the freezer for about 10 min. First added the slices of cheese from my 1 lb block until it was fully covered. Next threw on the onions and garlic and more sage. Rolled it up, OOOPPSS overstuffed a little so had to unroll and remove some onions. Rolled it back up again in wax paper and squeezed it so it became a longer and not as thick log. Smoked for about 2 hours but couldn't really enjoy it last night since I took it off about 10:30 PM and was already filled of pulled pork!
  2. gypsyseagod

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    sounds can also add it to leftover pintos w/ hashcrowns or skin on garlic tater wedges & scrambled egg wrappedina tortilla w/ salsa for breakfast tacos. mm mm good.
  3. hillbillysmoker

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    We crumble fatties without cheese often for use in chili, spag. sauce, gravey, omelets, mac and cheese and anywhere else flavoring is desired.
  4. crownovercoke

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    Awsome Idea!!! I always have a problem with my fatty crumling into a million not so fatty pieces which usually seperate all the ingrediance and ends up looking more like something that I just unclogged from from the bottom of my kitchen sink...[​IMG]
  5. blackhawk19

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    Sounds great, thank's for the idea
  6. watery eyes

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    It's amazing how versatile the humble breakfast sausage can be.

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