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Discussion in 'Pork' started by meat magician, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. meat magician

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    Well, I am one of the few that did not smoke anything this year, wife did not want it so I did not do it, thats all fine with me she eats enough of it the rest of the year to make it feel like a holiday NOT to have anything smoked for dinner. That being said I have been in and out all day looking at the variouse threads and admiring everyones work from the newbie cooks to the seasoned (no pun intended) veterans. Though it would be good for the post count I dont have time to comment on everyones threads so I would like to say here and now that all the pics and threads I have viewed today and yesterday have been wonderful, congrats on all the hard work you all have put in, the time, and the effort to make such wonderful meals for friends and family. Hope everyone was safe, well fed and proud at the end of the day, HAPPY 4TH ALL [​IMG]
  2. waysideranch

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    Meat Magician, I must tell you that my smokes have nothing to do with what others want. If I desire brisket, I cook brisket, if I desire salmon, i cook salmon. Its not being selfish but smoking meat is an art in my mind. My family loves it and eats tons but they don't like it more than me therefore I eat it all the time. I always smoke to someones request. Maybe I'm an a--hole but I do my smokes. I'm addicted. Don't know what this means but smoke it friend. When and where ya want.
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    Meat I ditto what Way says. If you smoke it they will come to eat. It never fails. Now if ya have neighbor like mine If ya get smoker the out and he sees it he will bring the meat. lol Like you I enjoy all the pics but I have to pic and choose what I reply to as it is now my honey due lists gets ignored trying to keep up on all the posts. So for all you qview providers you are truly appreciated.
  4. meat magician

    meat magician Smoke Blower

    Well guys the key to a happy marriage is compromise, she did not feel like bbq today but beer can chicken is still on the menu for tommorow, and we still had grilled pork chops tonight just, no smoke added, and a dutch oven dessert. Sometimes going against the grain is more fun than going with the flow.

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