grease control on a stick burner

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    What's the best way to catch/control grease in my wood burning smoker without jeopardizing my smoke/heat flow to the meat?
  2. Hello and welcome to the fun.  I just looked at your smoker picts.  This is much easier than you think.  I see it is trailer mounted so even easier.  The thing you want to do is make sure the grease doesn't run back to your fire causing flare ups.  You have some options.  Option 1: Place foil pans under your meat to catch the drippings and then use those drippings to make a great tasting gravy/Au Jus/sauce.  Option 2:  Use a level and make sure the tongue of the trailer is downhill.  Drill 3-4 1/2" holes in the bottom of the smoker to allow the gease to run to the tongue end and drain out.  Place foil pans under to catch the grease or if you can weld build a shelf below the smoker to put a pan on to collect the grease.  Option 3:  If you weld, install a baffle plate and turn that smoker into a "semi" reverse flow with the baffle plate running downhill toward the trailer tongue and draining out holes in the bottom.  If you do this you want to move the stack to the other end.  Just some food for thought.  Hope it helps.  Keep Smokin!

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    Awesome advice. I think all of these tips would do me some good. I do weld and I'm curious about this baffle you speak of. I don't currently have a "stack" I have 3-1.5" threaded holes that are pluggable. My fire is on the right hand side and the holes are evenly spaced from the middle of the lid to the left end. Regardless I'd like to incorporate a stack. And more info on the baffle would be great! Thanks
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