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Discussion in 'Exchange Program(Archive)' started by jjwdiver, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. I have this new-in-box Magellan Roadmate 1212 - opened it up to take the pics that you see. The car mount items are still in the packaging, havent even turned the thing on (I can if requested to verify it works)

    I have alot of apple wood, and can get the usual hickory and mesquite at a number of local stores. I have no other woods to use! I hear alot about cherry, alder, maple, pecan, etc...

    So, what I'm looking for in an exchange is some chunks or larger (not shredded or dust) pieces of the above mentioned woods. If someone has a variety they can part with and is interested in this gps - please pm me!



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    I sent you a PM. I am interested
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    Now are you looking for a load of splits or can you use just chunks. What kind of smoker do you have and I might be interested in an exchange.??? The exchange program here is just too cool I have done it a couple of times and it's like christmas to us smokers.
  6. Sorry to be vague. What I currently use is a Cookshack electric - using chunks. I have Apple, Hickory and Mesquite so I dont want any more of them.

    What I'm looking for is someone who would be willing to exchange as many different types as possible. I dont want to P-off people, but am holding out for someone who can get me the most variety. Not sure how woods can be shipped best. I can cut up split wood or just get chunks. I have only bought wood once that was shipped to me and it was 10# chunks.

    Having not done the exchange before, I hope that this way isnt the wrong way.

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    What value are you assigning to your Magellan Roadmate 1212?

    I see prices from $60 to $100.
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    jjwdiver--Typically the wood exchange has been for a medium or large priority mail flat-rate box, which can hold 10-15# wood depending on how it's cut and packed.

    I only have access to the same woods you do, + cherry, but hopefully one of our southern members can set you up with pecan, peach, alder, etc. A box of each for your gps seems fair. At any rate, it's a place to start negotiations, and that's part of the fun too![​IMG]

    If you're interested in bbq sauces from different areas too, some members have access to a good variety of locally made stuff. It costs more to fill a priority mail box with bbq sauces than to fill the same box with local wood, so keep that in mind.
  9. Uncle Lar might be putting together a road trip, or should I say we both may be doing a road trip to exchange. I'll notify if its a go or not.
  10. Larry and I finally got our exchange partially done today! I say partially because he is a couple states away and neither of us went too far to make our exchange thanks to his friend Rob.

    Rob was on a scheduled road trip to Minneapolis, and the route takes him right by where I live. Uncle_Lar convinced his buddy to haul a bunch of wood this way and then bring back the GPS. Here's a view of the LOAD that I got. The beer in front of the box is to give me strength, toast Larry and to give all you a size idea of the exchange packages!

    Thanks so much larry and I will take you up on the offer for more in the future. I cant wait to give this a try. I truely raise the bottle up and salute you. I got more than expected!

    Rob was great and I also thanked him for his part in this. Good luck on the sausage project!



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