Got the meat. Now what?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by powersmokin, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. So yesterday i headed to the butcher to pick up my brisket i ordered 2 weeks ago. 14.75lbs. Big piece of meat!

    I discussed with the butcher Session datasome cooking options. I chose to put it in the oven overnight on saturday (today), and finish it off in the smoker for 8 hours to give it a smokey flavor on sunday. The oven would stay at 300* and it would sit overnight. Now my question to you is, when should i start it? I want to serve it sunday around 4. The 1.5Hr/Lb rule would put it around 22HRS, so 6PM saturday to serve it 4PM sunday.

    Also, when oven cooking it, should i use a roasting pan with a grate? i have this REALLLLY nice roasting pan i do turkeys with, and so should i roast it in that, with a foil tent? should i go as far as to baste it with its own juice?

    After the oven is done, should i just take the grate out and smoke it on the grate?

    Its plugged with garlic and seasoned. I plan to cut and serve.

    Btw. This new forum layout sucks.
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  2. rbranstner

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    In my mind you are doing it backwards. You should put it in the smoker first then finish in the oven if you can't do it the whole time in the smoker.
  3. Now whys is that?Session data
  4. eman

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    1st off ,welcome to SMF!

     Now on to the show. Lets start w/ the smoker /oven thing.

    You should imo do the smoker 1st and finish in the oven. The meat absorbs smoke better in a raw state . once you cook  the outer surface in the oven it is not going to absorb the wonderful smokey flavor.

     When smoking briskett i put a pan on the next lower grate to catch all the juices that cook out of the meat. If you have the meat in the pan with the juices you will not get near as much smoke flavor and you are actually braising the meat vs smoking.

      The 1.5 hr per lb is just a guide to start with. i have had briskets go alot faster and had them take alot longer. there are just to many varibles to smoking a slab of meat.

     you have to go by tempratures instead.

     In a 300 degree oven overnight you may have a done brisket when you wake up.

     These are just the things i have learned from those that have come before me.

     i have put them into practice and they work.

     Post up some pics of your smoke and let us drool too.
  5. pooooo. so i guess ill start smoking it tonight. and smoke into the morning. no pan? Session data
  6. lugnutz

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    I agree [​IMG]  smoke first then if you have to go to the oven. Give it a good rub and let it smoke, if you go to the oven I would suggest a baking rack to keep it up out of the juice. Baste if you like with the juices. 
  7. ok its going way too fast. im at 3.5 HRS and its at 119* ive been keeping it at 225. Session dataim dropping it down to 200.
  8. 5lakes

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    I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong...[​IMG]

    At four hours, I want the meat to be at least 140. After that, it's done when it's done.  I've had a couple of close calls, but I've managed, so far, to keep that rule. If it were me, I'd say your right on to maybe just a tad cool at 3.5 hours.
  9. mballi3011

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    To answer youre question 5likes he cooked his brisket in the oven at 300° over night so his brisket is already cooked. Now he's just trying to get some smokey flavor. Now for you Power Smokin you needed to put the meat into the smoker first like everyone has told you. Now I would just re-heat your brisket in the smoker so set it for about 230-250° and let it go for a copuple of hours and you will have a warm brisket. But next put it in the smoker first.
  10. 5lakes

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    Oops, my mistake...[​IMG]

    It looked to me that he hadn't started it at the first post and at post #5, he had decided to smoke it overnight and at post #7 it was in the smoker and was at 119 after 3.5 hours. I gotta pay more attention..
  11. i went with the all night smoke, then to the oven. Its doing well now. i realised the problem was that i was probing the fat, not the meat. Its in the oven now, at 150ish, and goingto be served in 4 hours. qview next post. Session data

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