Got a new MES 30 - need a recipe/recommendation for fast first smoke to do today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tomzo, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. tomzo

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    My wife and kids surprised me with a new MES 30 for Father's Day (awesome!) and I have it going through the seasoning process right now.   I want to smoke something today but have not prepared anything in advance.   I was thinking of doing a couple of chickens but wanted to see if any of you had recommendations for something that can be prepared and smoked the same day.   I will have about 5 or 6 hours once the seasoning ends.

    Any ideas?


  2. ldrus

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    Go with some baby backs use the 2 2 1 method
  3. kwats4

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    I have  2 whole chickens going right now. I melted 1 stick of butter added dried rosemary ground very fine and 1 bottle of hotter texas pete 6oz. then injected and added a good amount of dry rub of your choosing.
  4. kwats4

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    I highly recommend getting the AMNPS 8x6 with some Pitmasters Choice pellets. The side shoot loader can catch on fire, been there done that. with  this smoking box you dont have to keep loading every 30-45 mins. Good for the whole smoke. Congrats on the gift I have the same one. If you have any ? I will be around all day 
  5. tomzo

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    Thanks guys - I think I will try both!  Off to the store!
  6. chef jimmyj

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    Chicken Leg Quarters, Chix Halves, Johnsonville Brats or other sausage you like, will all take about 2-3 hours at 250*F. The Baby Back Ribs take about 5 hour with or without foiling at 225-250*F...JJ
  7. tomzo

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    Thanks Kwats4 - I think I will go for the AMNPS although my wife bought me 6 bags of chips that I will use to start with.

    How long do you smoke your birds and at what temp?   I have seen a number of different methods in different places.
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  9. kwats4

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    search using my name it should show everything you need
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    just search my profile. everything should be there
  11. Wings are good. Scarbelly's recipe is a good one. I just dust mine with a rub, smoke at 250 degrees for an hour, and toss them in some sauce. When you smoke something throw in something that's simple along with it. Johnsonville brats and wings are very easy and quick.
  12. tomzo

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    Thanks to all of you for the good tips.   I went to Costco and picked up some baby backs and they had chickens at a really good price so I got two of those too.   Made some Jeff's rub and used it on both.   Put the ribs on the top and the birds on the bottom.  I have the birds on beer cans as well.

    I probably should have kept it simpler for my first smoke with this unit, but I just could not resist!

  13. kwats4

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    I hope it all goes well for you and we say if there are no pics it didn't happen! LOL Enjoy, your family will want more smoked meats now. Check out the mods for the Mems 30"
  14. tomzo

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    As requested....

  15. tomzo

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    Finished products!   I still have a lot to learn but all of this was really tasty.   I used Jeff's rub and served his sauce on the side - wow!


  16. kwats4

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    Congratulations! It all looks wonderful. I bet it was a homerun for everyone.

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