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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bonedadddy, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Its been a while since I have posted, but am always an avid reader!!! This forum is great! 

    Alas, the gas burner on my poor ole GOSM finally rusted out enough to be dangerous, so I ripped the guts out, and added a firebox.

    As you can see, I had to remove the right legs, but felt the mounts between the firebox and the vertical box were strong enough and had enough support without them.

    Here is another view with the charcoal drawer and box open:

    and after a trial run to season the firebox...we get some QueView:

    Sausage Burnt Ends

    I have a couple of statements...and some questions around those statements:

    1. The temps were pretty hot...I used a full chimney of charcoal lit to grey (temps stayed well above 300 degrees)

    2. I used larger chunks of Hickory, but they seemed to burst into flames immediately

    3. I used a waterpan full of water

    4. The dampeners were wide open on both the side of the firebox and the top of the GOSM

    So first question is...how much charcoal do you use...and how much do you actually light when you start 

    Next question...where do you put the wood? on top of the charcoal? beside so that it is not touching the charcoal? should I still use my cast iron skillet to put the wood in and leave it away from the heat source?

    What can I do with the dampeners to control the heat...anything at all? should I just leave them wide open for the airflow to be correct?

    Thanks for your help guys...this gas man loves the fact that I am using charcoal...but its almost like starting all over again :)

    Oh, and PS---I call her Ugly Betty...but....she is going to get a fresh coat of black heat resistant paint this coming weekend...I just had to show her off now though :)


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    Thanks for the reply Cody, I talked with some local guys here in KC, and they pretty much told me the same thing. I ran her through the paces last week, and was able to keep nice consistent temps around 250 - 275. 

    I have not decided on what to do with the hole...right now, I set a water pan over it, and was able to maintain temps...I did a small brisket and a pork loin this past weekend and they both turned out great. I adjusted the damper on the woodbox to control heat...and found I could almost leave it shut and the charcoal seemed to last longer.

    I really prefer the taste when using charcoal...which seems like a no-brainer but I have mostly used gas over the years.

    She isnt pretty...but with a little paint she will look better...Plan on painting her all black. 

    Also, I am getting some smoke escape around the lid...saw many posts on using oven rope to seal the lid, so will probably add that mod at some point. The last thing she needs is a thermo on front...to seal up the original thermo holes...and provide an base point for temps. 

    Thanks again, I will try to get some queview with the next smoke...
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    Nice looking mods! Gives me hope that when my 9 year old GOSM dies I can reincarnate it! Once you get your leaks sealed up you will find that the temps will be even easier to control. You should be able to do that with just the vents on the firebox. Always leave the upper vent open when smoking.  For clod smoking that fire box would work pretty good with an amnps or amnts from A-MAZE-N. I would make a charcoal basket to stick in the firebox. That will help you control the fire better too. Along the lines of a thermometer I would skip the built in unit and get yourself a Maverick et-732 or an iGrill dual probe therm. Far more accurate than the ones sold to go in the smoker permanently. Good luck and show off your Q!

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