GOSM - "big block"?? UPDATE!! :-)

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by porklvr, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone.  I am ready to purchase a GOSM smoker.  I just have a couple of questions though.  I am ordering from Basspro shop....is this smoker  http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/s...01_325000000_325009000?cmCat=CROSSSELL_SEARCH#  

    what you guys refer to as the "big block"??  Is it the bigger of the GOSMs??  Please help me out with this....the smoker is currently out of stock but will be back in stock early August according to BPS.  I want the large one....and for some reason I though I remembered reading that the dimensions were different on the big block than those listed on the smoker above.  thanks so much.

  2. pineywoods

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    That is the big GOSM and congrats thats a great choice
  3. richoso1

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    You should be happy with the big block, that extra room will come in handy. It's all good my friend.
  4. deannc

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    That's it and I love mine!  The first picture that shows up is missing a rack though...but the second picture shows the 4 racks.  Hope they get them in stock soon for you!
  5. bmudd14474

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    Its a great unit. I just purchased it about 2 months ago. Had the small GOSM which is great but the added width is awesome.
  6. Well, they got it back in stock!!  I ordered it yesterday and according to FEDEX it's in transit.  WOOP WOOP!!  I'm excited, just hope I don't open it up just to find it's been beat up during shipping like some of you.  I'm guessing i should probably open it up while the driver is here and check it out....i dunno, just hope it's all good so i can start smoking some yum yums!!  Thanks for the help with my earlier post everyone!!  Happy to be a part of TEAM GOSM!!  lol 

    happy smokin'
  7. sharonazamboni

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    Keep in mind that BPS will give you credit if your smoker is damaged and you want to keep it anyway. Mine had a couple of dents, but I didn't want to wait 2 weeks just to get another dented product. Called them up and got 15% refunded.

    Now go run to the store and buy some meat!
  8. That's good to know, thanks!!  I can't wait to get it and fire her up....i've always been limited on what i could smoke with my ECB because of the space!!  Now I have options, LOL.  The family is gonna LOVE me haha.

    oh yea....and according to fedex tracking it will be here TOMORROW woop woop!!  [​IMG]
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  9. Congratulations on a good choice. I picked my BB up at the BPS in Concord, NC about four years ago. I purchased a cover for it through Amazon, but they quit selling them. If your interested here is a link to a guy that sells them. They are a bit pricey, but after four years of standing out in the rain, and hot southern sun it has stayed in great shape, and the smoker has stayed the same. When I bought mine from Amazon they were around $25.00 + shipping.


  10. Delivered yesterday!!!! 
  11. scarbelly

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    Congrats to you - you are hooked now LOL
  12. well....i got it put together only to see that the door doesn't sit/hang correctly as well as a few dents.  Does anyone know how the door not hanging correctly will affect use??  I have already contacted BPS and they said to send it back, I don't won't to have to do that if this won't really affect much.  As much as I can tell it still "closes" but I don't know....guess i really won't know until i get some smoke going and see if it's really gonna make much of a diff.  Just wanted to see if any of you had experience something like this.  I know most have complained of dents and such but couldnt' find anything about the door.  is there a way i can try to tweak it without compromising the unit in any way??  i really don't want to return....i've waited too long for this thing (plus i checked online today and they don't even have it listed anymore i don't think).   Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks!! 
  13. i went back out to put all of the racks in and noticed that the very bottom rack holder thingy?? the one where the chip box rack is supposed to slide in is welded at a downward angle....so the freaking rack won't even slide in it!!  it will sit on top of it but that just makes me angry....i was soooo hoping id be one of the lucky ones.  this is turning out to be a disaster....i sure hope the grub this thing turns out makes it all worth it in the end lol.
  14. For what I know you paid for that smoker I would send it back on their money, and have it replaced.

  15. bmudd14474

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    Call LandMann and they will send you a new rack holder.  Mine was bent and they sent me a new one.
  16. I'm def. gonna call Landmann this week!!  Thanks guys.
  17. deannc

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    Sorry I haven't seen your thread before...but if you haven't called Landmann yet, tell them your door was damaged and along with your rack and as bmudd said, they'll send you replacement parts for the damaged ones.
  18. My GOSM big block arrived with 2 bad rack holders. One side had the water pan holder bent way out of shape, but I was able to bend it back to working. The other rack had several bad welds, so it would not properly support the racks with any weight on them.

    I called the number in the instruction manual, and replacement parts were promptly sent out. I will be installing this week, but it looks like just a couple of screws through the outside walls to hold them in place.

    This is not shipping damage, it is a QC issue from the manufacturing process. If they continue to have to spend the money on the personnel, parts and shipping to replace parts, they will either have to stop making these things, or raise the price. Either way, I have had two great smokes, and one coming this weekend, which will be the first to get pictures.

    My door doesn't seal great, but I have had no problems holding the temps, just a little leaked smoke. I will probably try getting an over door gasket and making a better seal before the weather turns ugly. I want to use this baby all year 'round.

    Good luck,

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  19. well, i just got an email from Landmann this morning.  A customer service supervisor told me i needed to contact bass pro for a full replacement, that the problems i had were a shipping issue.  how are the racks being welded together a shipping issue.....are you SERIOUS????!!!!  I thought these guys were easy to deal with??  guess this is going to take much longer than i had anticipated.  I can deal with the few dents, but the prob with the door and racks is clearly a landmann issue!! 
  20. ddeahl

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    Anybody know where to purchase this smoker these days? seems to be gone everywhere.

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