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    Hey all.I am pretty new to the site and still haven't bought a smoker yet.I am curious about the 3 models of gosm propane smokers that I've found.It appears that they mainly vary in size.The small one is 30x16x14, the 3605Gd is 36x16x16.The biggest one (just called the deluxe) seems large 36x24x16.The prices range from $164 to $245.Considering that the biggest is not that much more is there such a thing as a newbie having a smoker that's too big?Also maybe there are some things that the big one has that the smallest doesn't.I do know that it has 3 damping vents as opposed to one on the small one.If I am willing to spend $250 on a propane smoker, maybe you folks know of some other unit that is better than a gosm.I have read many reviews about shipping damage. I'm getting close to a purchase and would really appreciate any help I can get.

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