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    There are several rubs that I have made using Worstershire powder, and I love to use it on Steaks. I used to be able to buy it at the grocery store (Kroger here in the Dallas area) and it was a great powder. They stopped carrying it so I went online and bought some - I bought a big thing because I use it alot. Well, not two months later, the stuff has caked and become hard as a rock. Does anyone have a good place to get Worsteshire powder or any tips for how I can keep it from caking? The stuff from Kroger NEVER caked, but then again, I bought it in smaller doses and would always use it all before three months was up. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I never knew they made a powder. I'll have to look around for some.
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    Try Vac packing half of the large quan, and freezing it. And the caked stuff ya have...use a grater on it.
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    yeah........tried finding this at penzey's........and they never heard of it.......go figure.........

    put some rice in with it.........i know you will have to pick it out.......but it helps with the caking problem i have with other items.....

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    instead of rice try a saltine cracker..tis what my mom used to do to keep the sugar from getting hard.

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