Gonna try a chuck roast on the Weber

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by lrlangley89, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. I've started a chuck roast on the Weber cooking with indirect heat. Hope it turns out ok
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    I've never tried to cook one all the way on the smoker. I have had great success putting a rub on one and smoking it at 250 for 3-4 hrs then taking it out and putting it in a covered pot in the oven with a pack of powdered beefy onion soup and a can or two of beef broth and cook at 325 until tender. That makes some of the best chucks ive ever had! Great to eat just pulled or on sandwiches give it a shot sometime man you won't be disappointed
  3. I'll have to try that. This is a first for me, so it may end up being finished in the oven or a crock pot.
  4. Looking pretty good. Pork chops are going over the coals.
  5. Tastes good. Still a little tough for me, so I'm gonna let it go in the oven for a little bit.
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    Do you have a thermometer? The internal temp of the chuck should be around 205, for tender juicy meat.

  7. I actually gave mine to my dad Al. I just kind of eyeballed this one. I need to purchase another thermometer. My smoker has one built in.
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    Hello thesmokist
    Thanks for the info on your post and as result of reading your post, we started with smokyokie's foil pan method to start our roast we did flip the roast once to evenly smoke it.
    And then we put the roast and the juices ( plus 1 cup of water) into the slow cooker. We did pull the roast from the smoker at 180 IT. It was very good.
    Thanks again,!!
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    Looks tasty. As Al mentioned a good therm is a must for smoking meats. There are several good multi probe digital units to choose from. I use an iGrill2 4 probe. I also have a Maverick 732 dual probe unit that is my back up.

    I will take a chuck off anywhere between 200-210. I check with a toothpick for tenderness.it should just slide in with no resistance.

    Next time you do one use your drip tray to make a batch of this:

  10. I appreciate that. I'm gonna invest in a thermometer soon.

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