Gonna make some bulk Andouille...

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by john3198, Dec 24, 2009.

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    I've made several batches of breakfast sausage from Bruce Aidells' book and really like it. Can't buy anything close to that.

    When I do the breakfast, I grind with the 1/4" plate in the grinder.

    Here's the question - I want to make up a batch of his Andouille reciepe and use it for a fatty. Is the 1/4" plate too course for a fatty?

    Seems like the commercial stuff I make my fatties from (JD) is much finer than this. Should I run it through the 1/8" plate (next one down on my grinder)?

    If so, would you run it course (1/4) and then fine (1/8)? I have had some problems in the past with sausage breaking trying to go on the 1/8 plate.

    Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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    Well I'm new to the whole sausage world but what I have done has been good but still a learning process. So for youe answer I will dig deep into the mush for brains and find that yur sausage is up to you how you like it. If you think it's too course then run it thou the grinder again and see if you like it that way. But I do agree that the sausage you buy at the store is very smooth in texture. So in a nut shell it's all up to you Big guy.

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