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  1. Have 7 grafted tomatoes plants here.  planted them on April 18, they were about 4 in. tall. It appears that there are about 70+ tomatoes "making".  so far.  Last week I gave them some bone meal, it seem like it really set some flowers.  Those are beans on the left.
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    You beat me in the ground by a month! Fine looking plants. What sort of tomatoes do they graft on? Or can it be any kind?
  3. I got my first ripped tomato few weeks ago the rest will start turning in bout10 days.
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    I've got cherry tomatoes heavy but I won't have any ripe for at least another week to 10 days. The other tomatoes probably won't have anything for another 3 weeks. 

    I need to post a pic of my massive garden. I'm growing tomatoes in pots. Just got to keep them watered good. 
  5. Yes, we had a mile/no rain winter. The plants were about 4" when we got them.  The names I can remember(the rest are on tags on the cages), Indigo Rose(small dark blue on side facing sun). Northern Delight, first to ripen.,  Jersey Devil, long 4-6" and Brandwine.   On the Indigo Rose my wife "counted" 70 tomatoes.  You may want to check the Territorial Seed Co. Web. Having fun with the different types. On a side not, I just smoked 5 lb of belly Bacon, we are ready for those BLT's
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    Graywolf, never heard of any of those maters. What kinda bait do thoes hybrids like? Ha. Or are they Heirloom? I got one heirloom, cherokee purple, planted far away from my Big Boys and tear drop cherry maters, and golen boy. Got mine 3 or 4" high. Pulled seed leaves and all other leaves till just top. Planted deep. Hard to keep up with keeping them in cages. Plus so much rain put some food down for them. Usually do eggshells early but didn't happen this year. Lot's of  maters on. Cherrys are as you said.
  7.  Grandmas Pick.(that's the name)
     Indigo Rose

    Two of the most interesting ones.
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    Wow. That's cool. Looks like a turnip on a plant. Let's trade seeds sometime. Got an okra that is short and fat and good. Got it from wife's boss and just call it by her name. Need to start a trading forum on here. Started heiloom maters a few years back, and plant them around the place. Not alot of yield but cool.[​IMG]
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    Oh yea. Do they tax you on how tall your plants are in Californie? Don't letum know.[​IMG]
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    They look great  !

    Here are some of mine.

  11. Looking good Django.  This is my morning harvest from my little 10x10 garden. 1. Persimmon Tomatoes, 2. Northern Delight(small but plentiful) 3. Grandma's Pick, 4. Green Beans. The rest are making.
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    Nice tomatoes. I love summer.
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    yeah, me too! Summer is the best! No harvest for me yet...
  14. I been getting tomatoes for a month now
  15. Just got my first ripe cherry tomato this morning. I ate it quick while no one was looking.

    Looks like it is going to be a good year in the garden. I have about a dozen cucumbers that will be picked tomorrow and tons to tomatoes that should start turning next week. I saw the first two corn stalks getting silks on them too so the corn won't be too far behind.

    The cold winter really set everything back this year. We were near frost even in early May.
  16. For you folks in the northern states you may want yo make note of the Northern Delight, the small ones in my post above. The were first to ripen. We got in as a grafted plant.
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    Northern delight. Duly noted. We took our first cherry tomato off today as well. Another 8-12 in another few days and then we should be swimming in them. I bought these cherrys especially for their early ripen date.
  18. I amended my soil with 1 ton of stuff my local landscape guy called "dynamite". It is a mix a compost, manure, and top soil. Not sure of the exact ratio but it smells worse than the horse stall. The plants seem to love it though. I mixed it down about 18 inches in the raised boxes. Last year I got one watermelon off 4 plants, right now I have 1 plant with 6 melons on it the size of footballs. The beefsteak tomatoes are easily 6 feet tall.

    I figured I'd take the landscape guy and his wife a basket of stuff once it starts ripening. The bride and I will eat/can some and the rest can go to the church soup kitchen. I like donating fresh, healthy stuff rather than the processed, boxed crap they usually get...
  19. The right soil is very important for a good crop of tomatoes, (but I guess that true for all crops). I am always trying to learn. I bought a ph meter and check the soil when ever I add to the garden. Tomatoes like ph 5.5 to 6.8. Early in the year I was getting big plants and few flowers. I was told to add bone meal, which I did and started to get flowers.
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    Buy a 50 lb bag of the cheapest dog food you can find.Next time you plant your tomato plants, put 3 cups of dog food at the bottom of your holes.The dog food will break down alittle at a time giving great nutrients to your plants all season.

    Do Not let your dogs watch you plant hahahahahahha


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