Going to do another Pastrami

Discussion in 'Beef' started by graywolf1936, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. But the real reason is to show the really nice piece of Corn Beef I just got at our Costco. It is Choice, round  and nice and thick,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  2. tropics

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    I will be watching Gray I love Pastrami made from corned beef. Post pics I am drooling already.

  3. chef willie

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    XLNT...I must go the Costco here and see if we have any in stock. That's the same brand I've seen in Costco here. Let the games begin, huh? You can't beat a home done pastrami even if starting with a corned beef....Willie
  4. driedstick

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    I'm in I still need to do one

  5. jwcnj4502

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    Did a couple of them recently using corned beef. Good results each time.Please show us your results.
  6. While to meat is soaking I made up my rub: Black Pepper, Brown Sugar, Coriander ,Garlic, Paprika and Capers. I will make a paste and cover prior to putting in fridge overnight.

  7. What are you going to cook your internal temperature to on the pastrami?
  8. I been doing 180 but before I serve I steam the whole piece in a make shift steamer, I use dark beer, and cut it by hand, l steam 45 min or so, you can tell when it's ready
  9. Ready to put to bed in fridge over night, thanks for looking,

  10. mneeley490

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    Round? So it's a top or bottom round cut? Never seen that corned commercially.
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  11. Never gave it a thought, looked like a brisket but very lean.  If I get a chance I will give the company a call, I believe they are in San Jose, Ca.
  12. Gave the company a call, they are in the mid-west. They said it was the outside from the round.
  13. 5 hours at 225(bumped it up from the 180 degrees I do most of the time), The IT is now at 180 degrees, will cool and put if fridge until supper Friday. I will steam it for about an hour prior to slicing it.

  14. one eyed jack

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    It looks excellent, Graywolf.  [​IMG]

    Do you have any sliced pictures?  Is the steaming simply to finish the cooking, or is there another benefit to the final result?
  15. superdave

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    I have that piece of meats brother defrosting in the sink and will be smoking it this weekend.  I will post some pics as well.  When I make my rub, I take the 2 spice packets that come with the corned beef and run through my old coffee grinder to make a powder.  It gets mixed in with the rest of my spices as part of the rub. 
  16. Dave, everything I read say, "throw the spice packet away, that corn beef flavor" , you may want to consider a rub "similar" to mine.I think black peppet, coriander, and garlic. Is the key. Show us your when you get going. Joe
  17. superdave

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    Have you checked the spices that come in the packet?  They are the same as what you are using with the addition of a couple more.  LOL! 
  18. Your right, thats what I get for not paying attention. Next time I will look closer.
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    I want to see the slices!
  20. Me too, my daughter won't be over for dinner until 6 (california time) , I guess I better wait. Ha ha .

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