Going for First Fatty Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by thedood, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. thedood

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    Tomorrow I am going to smoke my first fatty, well two actually. One will be a cheeseburger and the other I havent decided yet.


    85/15 ground beef mixed with spices that I havent decided on

    sauteed mushrooms and onions

    Pepper jack cheese


    Pepper Bacon weave

    The second one


    I will also be serving abt with these.
  2. Ive only done a couple i basted mine with a bbq sauce after smoking and threw it in the oven to carmelize it. it was awesome. Mine was a country sausage also had a pork butt rub with brown sugar and cheddar cheese with crumbled fried bacon on the inside. Enjoy.ill stop back by dont forget the qview.
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  4. smokinal

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    Boy the choices are endless!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. thedood

    thedood Fire Starter

    I appreciate all of the suggestions. Ive decided to go with ground pork filled with dirty rice made with andouille sausage.
  6. thedood

    thedood Fire Starter

    @bmudd14474 I'm really liking these breakfast fatties so I will be making one soon. Yours looks outstanding.
  7. redheelerdog

    redheelerdog Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Show us some pics of the fatties, what kind of smoker do you have?

  8. thedood

    thedood Fire Starter

    @redheelerdog I will start posting pics later this morning. My smoker is a modded oklahoma joe highland. I put in the tuning plate, sealed the firebox with rtv, and have door gaskets on the cc and fb. Also added a couple of grate level gauges.
  9. thedood

    thedood Fire Starter

    Ok here we go. Lets start with our libations. First is from a local brewery called Reinstone. I have never had their beers. This is a Rye IPA in a 22oz bomber bottle.

    Next is a 6 pack of Two Brothers Red Rye Ale, another I have never had before.

    Now we start getting to food. My first bacon weave, courtesy of the doodette.

    More to follow.
  10. thedood

    thedood Fire Starter


    The first fatty is a cheeseburger fatty with mushrooms, onions, swiss cheese, and pickles.


    Fatty here we go:

    Here is the sausage with dirty rice fatty, we will start with the weave:

  11. smokinal

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    Looks delicious!

    I like the combo!

    Got any finished shots?

  12. thedood

    thedood Fire Starter

    Here is how we finished up. The cheeseburger fatty had no seasoning. I did put home made barbecue sauce on it at the finish. The rice fatty was dusted with slap ya mama cajun during assembly and slathered with the same sauce at the finish. Both came out great but I did over cook them. Something is wrong with the maverick so I need to get it taken care of. I also made some stuffed potatoes wrapped with bacon and the doodette surprised me with mushroom caps stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and crab (mine had shrimp because I dont like crab much). The caps went into the fridge for another day. The finish pics suck as the food had been attacked and honestly I was quite full of libations when I finally went inside to eat.

    This tray was stuffed full of abt. Addictive little suckers and a guaranteed hit.

    Here is the first fatty:

    Fatty 2:

    And a tater shot:

    I didnt get any pics of the mushroom caps as they had been put away by the time I went inside. All in all a good meal albeit the fatties were a little over cooked. I am still learning the new okj, this is my second cook on it so I need improvement there but I cant complain though as the meal was great. I want to thank all the members here as this site was the reference I used to make everything and the mods I made to my smoker.
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  13. smokinal

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    I'd say you hit a home run there my friend!!

    Everything looks awesome!

    Point to you Sir!

  14. redheelerdog

    redheelerdog Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Wow, that looks delicious, I will take a slice.

  15. thedood

    thedood Fire Starter

    Thanks! For those making cheeseburger fatties I really recommend the pickles. The flavor and crunch really added something in my opinion.

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