Going for a pork rib roast this afternoon Q-View incoming

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  1. Well after my first try with chicken, and yesterday enough ribs to feed 10 people (sorry forgot my camera no Q-View) this afternoon I am going to try my 3rd attempt at smoking. I tell ya I am hooked, I think the only thing I will be using the grill for this summer is to start the chiminy.  As it is not a huge piece of meat only 4 bones I believe 4 hours should do the trick at a steady 250.

    Pics shall follow I promise :)

  2. Sorry for the delay, but as promised here is pork q-views :)

    Heat getting up there

    Finally got smart and got a meat probe, This is just on the smoker from the fridge.

    Finally TBS and no more billowing smoke like crazy, thanks to everyone here for helping with that by your great posts.

    Been smoking for 4 hours, time for a fast sear on the grill

    Resting, it took all my willpower to let it rest as it smelled so good.

    Started to slice then went. OOPS need a pic for the guys :)

    That plate did not last long,Nice smokey flavour and boy did it taste good. Next time I really need to get the butcher to remove that bone at the end for me.

    This weekend who knows what shall be smoked, but you can bet I will post it for you all :)

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    Man that looks so good, enjoy your new addiction
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    Yummmmmm    [​IMG]   Plate looks great!

  6. Looks tasty............[​IMG]

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