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  1. So I am building my first smoker and I am attempting it with a 500 gallon propane tank.  Thanks to a lot of research, especially here at SMF, I think I have it figured out with the proper measurements.  My brother in law is wrapping up a two year welding program and is helping me with all the welds.  He is doing a great job so far!  I am posting some initial photos and will add more as it continues it's progress to a final product!

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  3. Dave,

    Thanks for replying!  You were my main source of information regarding this build.  I researched a lot of your posts and your calculators that you have presented online.  Thanks for all your help in that regard and for checking out my build!

    Maybe one day I'll have it up in your neck of the woods to take a peek at it as we aren't too far away from each other!  I am hoping to be in the McKinley Springs competition next month near Prosser.

    Thank que again for all your help!

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    That is one big build for sure!!

    May as well get your brother to teach you some tricks while this is going on, you guys are making great progress. 
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    Wow, that is a big smoker!

    Looking really good so far.

    Do you already have a trailer for it, or will you build custom?
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  6. Excellent project. You have the right name for your build. Don't stay on the porch, get out there with the big dogs.

    Actually, imho, I think if your planning on feeding a lot of people a 500 is the optimal size smoker.

    What is the diameter?

    I'll be watching your progress!

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    Good heavens, what a monster!  Gonna be a great smoker, no doubt about it. Between the photos and Dave Omak's tutoring, it will be a HUGE success.

    Best of luck to you and your brother on your efforts!!!

  8. Thanks all for the good vibes!

    I have a 6 X 14 trailer that I will be mounting it on along with some storage boxes for wood and necessities.  I am also building a fold out table on the side of the trailer and making the trailer my cook site.  I thought of building a custom one, however, this gives me the room to haul coolers, canopies, wood, tables and all that important stuff for cook offs.  The trailer is in the first couple of photos.

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    Nice trailer. It will make a great mobile kitchen.

    I would have a hard time sacrificing such a nice trailer, but good on ya'.
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    Below is a drawing to help you overcome the inherent problems with a long and narrow CC..... eliminating or reducing the "friction" area will enable the smoker to flow more air/heat/smoke...... and the heat deflector will help eliminate hot spots....

  11. Got both doors cut and will finish the flange on them tomorrow morning!

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    That's a Big one..................... Will be watching for sure......................[​IMG]

  13. Gunna be a nice one

  14. Some updated pics

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    you have more patience than me... I migged mine and left the tig torch in the truck. I use the Hobart 187 for most every thing now,,, I have a miller trailblazer for tig  with high freq box and an extra miller 300 amp suitcase MiG if needed for heavy jobs but the Hobart is easily portable and welds like a champ. What unit you running and did you add any filler rod or just fuse

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    Looking good.

    Great action shots too.
  17. Thanks y'all

    Joe, that is actually my brother in law who is doing the welding.  He is wrapping up his welding degree that he has been working on for 2 years now and is doing some fine work!  He wanted to tig most of this build and is using filler rod.  The welds are strong and looking really nice!
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    If he's just finishing up on school he's probably on the top of his game at welding ... When I was in school "Dam" My welds looked good.. its later when you stop using those same muscles every day you lose a little.....

  19. Yeah, he is definitely on top of his game!
  20. So here are some pics of our progress.  


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