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    Been fooling around with a few combos, tried the equal parts mustard, apple cider vinegar and brown sugar, but didn't like it.  Too much mustard and vinegar, not enough sweet.  I recently started using Sweet Baby Rays Sweet and spicy BBQ sauce.  So earlier tonight I took equal parts of Sweet Baby Rays and brown sugar and apple cider vinegar with a drizzle of clover honey and I think I have what I will be using this weekend.  Great flavor from the vinegar, but not too tart, sweet and spicy from the sauce, and just sweet from the sugar and honey.  Give us your favorite mix.......
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    The Magic Blue Bottle and Brown Sugar are the perfect glaze topped off with a tad of BBQ Sauce.  Texas Pepper Jelly Rib Candy is awsome as well.
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    I like this on my hams

    Maple Bourbon Glaze

    3/4 cup Pure Maple Syrup
    1/4 cup Bourbon (Jack Daniels)
    3 Tbs Dijon
    2 Tbs Unsalted Butter
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