Ghargriller side firebox Installation Problem....

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by auheld11, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. auheld11

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    Anyone have difficulty attaching the side fire box. There are the 6 holes on the grill that match up with the fire box, and you have to knock out the plugs in those 6 holes with a screwdriver and hammer per the instructions. Two came out without any problem, three I had to bang on and eventually dent the grill to get them out, the 6th hole plug just will NOT come out. To be honest, I am pretty pissed about that, it appears that this plug was stuck in their too tight. This plug is the one on the top. The grill is all dented now from all the banging and I am not sure if this will affect the way the side firebox attaches to the grill. I want it to be flush on those 6 hole connections, but afraid it will not be now due to the mangled holes.

    Any thoughts?

    I am considering taking it back to Lowe's and demanding another one.
  2. johnd49455

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    Sorry you are having a hard time. My SFB installed almost effortlessly.

    May I suggest that you drill the holes out. Some have talked about sealing the SFB to the CG with the same rope that woodstove doors are sealed with.

    I have not sealed the SFB on mine with anything at all & have no leaks.
    With yours being dented, I am assuming into the CG, if you tighten the bolt very tight it may pull the dents back out some & form a tighter metal to metal seal.
  3. smokebuzz

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    You could take hammer and 2x4 and flatten it out. should not have to resort to that, i would let Lowe's know about it, hopefully there will be people looking at them and they would accully do something to keep a custermer happy.
  4. smoke freak

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    I had similar problems with mine. Seems I ended up drillin one hole. After attaching box to grill it all seemed to come back into shape. I mangled mine the most trying to get the main hole opened up for smoke to enter the cooker.

    You could take it back and Lowes will take care of you but the next one might be the same. Maybe if Chargriller got enough damaged cookers returner to them they would fix the problem.
  5. I had the same problem with mine,dented it all to hell beating it!!I finally drilled out the last hole.If you tighten the monting bolts in kind of a star pattern then it should pull it all back into place....I would'nt sweat it too much......Good Luck!!
  6. ma?tley ca 1/4 e

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    All of mine popped out easily except the very top hole that holds the box on. I had to drill it out. The instructions actually say you may have to drill them, so CG covers their butt on that one. I understand that if you can actually find one that has the SFB included, then all all the holes are already out. But Lowe's and Academy usually carry the Super Pro and you have to get SFB seperately.
  7. hawgheaven

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    I never had to punch out the holes... mine came with the holes open and ready to bolt... butt, that was three years ago and it all came in one box, not a separate box for the sfb and the cooking chamber.

    You should be okay if you use a hammer and a block of wood and knock it back into shape as close as you can, then the bolts will do the rest. You may have to install some larger washers, such as fender washers, if the holes are too badly mangled...

    Good luck!

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