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  1. We'll we have another cold weekend here, I hope it will be the last this is getting mighty old this winter! It is time for me to think turkey hunting, fishing on soft water instead of ice. So with that said, nothing better than whipping up a batch of sausage. Today I am grinding and stuffing some German sausage or as we call them here, landjagers. It is the same recipe only we keep them plump and unflattened. I mix them 60/40. The 60 being beef today because I am out of venison until next fall. Stay tuned and we will go on a little a q-view journey today and smoke tomorrow.

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  2. casmurf

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    I'm in and Waiting
  3. Alright.....We started off with 6 lbs of beef burger and 4 lbs of pork burger.

    I mixed all the seasonings the other day a bagged them. I kept the cure separate and added it to the mix water.
    Put a good mix on it with all the seasonings, let it rest and mixed again and again.
    Filled the stuffer and put the guts on the tube
    Stuffed and twisted....
    Hanging on the stick until we put in the smoker in the morning.
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  4. woodcutter

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    Nice stuffing and twisting job!
  5. werdwolf

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    Looking Good!
  6. Looks good to me  [​IMG]   I'm in.
  7. We'll fire up the smokehouse with a little alder and some apple chunks. Let's
    Just see what the next few hours will do.
  8. woodcutter

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    About the alder, are using tag alders from Mn?
  9. Minnesota Apple tree but bagged alder chips.

  10. Getting to be time to give these bad boys a cold bath.
  11. foamheart

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    Love that stuffer, looks like its made a sausage or two.

    Repeating the above, nice twist job. Pretty color from the smoke. I have not used nor seen alder but beautiful color on those. Is that the Alder smoke or the apple?

    Great looking sausages!
  12. If that stuffer could was my grandpas. A lot of sausage and a lot of lard. Then my pa had it for years now I have had it for about 20 years. I can not dream of not using that stuffer.
    I used both alder and apple on these, alder chips and apple chunks.
  13. A few fresh for supper and the rest
    Ready to freeze
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    Those look great very nice job.
  15. Nice sausages  [​IMG]   Nice smokehouse too  [​IMG]   They both look good  [​IMG]
  16. Thank you all for the comments!
  17. woodcutter

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    Your sausages look great! Nice color.
  18. weisswurst

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    Your process and product looks great!! After you have finished and cooled them do you age them? Not that it matters. I am just curious. Weisswurst
  19. Thank you. Usually I let them hang for a day if I have time. My summer sausage and farmer style always hangs for another day. The last two batches of links I just let hang for a couple hours. Here is a picture of some rings aged a day.
  20. weisswurst

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    Nice job , smoke blower. Good color . Not too dark.Smoke does not overtake meat and spices.The hang time after is about the same as mine. I bet you have a lot of buddies. The landjagers are great for  carrying in pocket while hiking or fishing.  And I am sure , hunting , or watching opening day of the Detroit tigers in my basement on Monday. Or riding in my truck deer looking or watching sun rise on Lake Huron or setting on Lake Michigan in the old days with a home brewed beer. Zehr Gute!! Weiss wurst.

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