German Gumbo Again

Discussion in 'Pork' started by reinhard, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. reinhard

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    I think this has been around in one form or another but this is the way i do it.  For meat i stick to pork for this and what i have used were bone-in pork chops, bone-in pork country ribs, spareribs, and this time around i used baby backs that were on sale here [2.99lb]. Two racks.

    Two racks of baby back ribs

    potato's skin on and cut up

    3 bags of Franks kraut [the refrigerated stuff]

    my chilli franks-sliced

    my old fashion franks-sliced

    couple of onions chopped up

    some canadian bacon i smoked [Pop's brine]

    lot's of diced garlic [stuff in jars]

    pepper to taste [dont need no salt]

    beef broth [i use the Korean beef soup base]

    1 1/2 pounds of bacon cut fine

    I take the ribs and season them and put them in a roasting pan. Roast the ribs at 350 until they get almost done and cut them in individual pieces, and layer them on the bottom of the roasting pan.  As what happens almost all the time i start out with one roasting pan and end up using a bigger one.  Always add too much stuff, but that's good. Then i layer the cut and sliced potato's,sausage, onions, and canadian bacon on top of the ribs.

    To make the kraut, i dump the kraut in a pot and rinse it once, put enough water in the pot just enough to cover the kraut. I cut a couple of onions up and put them in the pot with the kraut.  Shake some black pepper in there as well.  Simmer the kraut for 20 minutes.  While the kraut is cooking i chop up the bacon in small pieces and fry it until it get's golden brown and crispy.  Drain the kraut, put the kraut back in the pot and put the hot bacon and grease over the kraut and mix well.  Now that's German kraut!!  Put the kraut on top of the layers in the roasting pan.  I make enough beef broth so it goes half way up the roasting pan.  Cover the roasting pan for the first 2 hours until the potatoes get tender and then take the foil off and cook for another half hour or so.  Ready to eat.  Reinhard

  2. foamheart

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    That is definitely different for my neck of the woods...... But it sure looks good and a great way to show off homemade sausages! Great recipes!
  3. reinhard

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    Ya, i stole the word gumbo just because it means to put a bunch of stuff together in a dish.  I love the southern style also but this meal realy defines a "comfort" meal up here in the winter.  Reinhard
  4. woodcutter

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    I'll bet there is no lack of flavor!
  5. I agree with other's comments...different from what I've ever seen, but looks delicious and I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut that it tastes great and is some wonderful comfort food ! Copied the procedure, just might have to try a smaller pan version of this...Thanks for sharing
  6. reinhard

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    I have seen versions of this with smoked ham hocks or shanks [instead of canadian bacon] and a cut up slice of bone-in ham. Also i make my German kraut with the bacon as i described above and  most just use kraut with onions. Most dont know about the kraut/bacon mix and it realy makes a difference.  I use the kraut bacon as a side dish and also a topping to brats and other sausage on a bun.  Some just use one type of sausage cut up like kielbasa which is a good choice.  The beef broth play's a big part in this also for it blends all the flavors and i like some of that broth on my dish when i eat this meal.  Reinhard
  7. dls1

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    Looks great, Reinhard. Your dish may not be Gumbo in the traditional sense, but it certainly looks and sounds to me like a very good personal version of Choucroute Garni, a specialty of the Alsace region of France which lies on Germany's western border. The term itself translates to "Dressed Sauerkraut" and it's the #1 winter comfort food in every home and restaurant in the region.

    Similar to yours, the classic dish always includes kraut (often rinsed and heateded beforehand in Riesling), potatoes, onions, garlic, peppercorns, juniper berries, cloves, bay, caraway, and of course, an assortment of smoked pork - hocks, bacon, chops, ribs, and sausages such as garlic, knockwurst, kielbasa, bratwurst, etc. Some simmer in a little wine to cook, and others use dark beer. It's usually served with nothing more than hearty bread and an assortment of mustards.

    It's a heavenly meal and it sounds like yours turned out very well. Something I wish I would have thought of to make with the never ending cold, snowy, crappy winter we've been having. Your post may inspire me to do so if things don't change soon.
  8. reinhard

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    My family immigrated from Germany in the 50's.  My mom made it over there and continued over here with different layers at times. Sometimes using fresh pork hocks instead of smoked and always some kind of sausage and the kraut with the fried bacon mixed in. Thanks for your post, i like some of those ingredients myself.  For some reason i could never handle caraway seeds but the rest of the family can.  My mom always made her own kraut.  This is something i will start doing this year [lot's of great threads on that here]. Reinhard
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    Looks great u can bring some over anytime!!
    Das ist sehr gut.
  10. GaryHibbert

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    Hey Reinhard

    That looks and smells great (yes, I can smell it from here)  I willl be trying a batch of that in the near future.  Thanks for sharing

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  11. GaryHibbert

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    Hey Reinnhard

    Quick question, since we don't get saukraut in packages--ours comes in jars.  Just how much kraut is in one of your pakcages??  Just champing at the bit to try this

  12. reinhard

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    Gary i use the Franks 2 pound bags. Reinhard
  13. dirtsailor2003

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    Mmmmm, yep I'd take a big plate of that! Love kraut!
  14. chef willie

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    That's what I was thinking.....I've seen shows featuring this dish and it's a huge platter piled high with assorted sausages and wursts etc....sighhhhh...always looked super delicious served with big steins of beer....wonderful meal......Willie
  15. Thanks for digging this one back up.

    Happy smoken.

  16. oldschoolbbq

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    Looks good , have never had any , but I'd hit that in a heartbeat   [​IMG]
  17. Man that really looks good

  18. reinhard

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    Made another batch!!  Still haven't had a chance to make my polish [next week for sure]. Had to order my vac bags. Finally got em.

    I did have my chili dogs so they went in, this time whole.  First time for my home smoked ham hocks along with potatoes, ham chunks, onions, good beef broth,  and of course my German kraut with bacon.  All that good stuff makes the beef broth even better. Here are some pics from the other day-----Reinhard

    Cut up some nice bacon to be fried crispy brown.

    Cut up some onions to put in with the kraut and some course black pepper.  I use the refregerated kraut from Franks.

    After the bacon gets nice and brown and crispy I dump it in with the kraut after it's simmered for 20 minutes and drained.  Then I mix it all up and it goes on top of everything.

    Ham, my ham hocks, and my chili dogs ready for the pot.

    Pot getting fuller now with more goodness.

    Bacon is brown and crispy and I dump the bacon and the hot grease right on top of the kraut and then mix it all up.

    I left a couple of the ham hocks whole and cut the meat off the others.

    Looks like it's getting done.  I baked the baby back ribs at the start to get them half way done.  Just put some garlic on the ribs. No salt was added during the whole deal.  There is enough in the kraut, ham, and hocks. When the ribs were half way done I put the rest of the stuff on top and baked it at 350 until the potatoes were done and the meat pulled away from the hocks and ribs. Had broth half way up the pan.

    Well it turned out good as usual.  Next batch is for deer camp.
  19. Looks great! I made this from your recipe

     as well and it is just great stuff....real comfort food.
  20. reinhard

    reinhard Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Thanks!!! I'm glad you enjoyed this great meal.  Love the way all the flavors blend in with each other.  Reinhard

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