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    Hi all

    Andy here from South East Melbourne Aus.

    There is nothing on this planet I love more than to BBQ, Grill, Smoke and drink ice cold beer while i'm doing it.

    I found this place because I was looking for a forum to ask some questions about what types of wood go best for BBQ grilling etc. (I have a particular idea in mind).

    Not sure if I should start with my questions here or if I should go to another part of the forums?

    P.S. I love all meat equally but Lamb is one of my favorites and from the water I especially like Salmon and Barramundi.

    Here are a few picture of my recent charcoal grill BBQ adventures with my buddy Dirk (you can call him Dork) in Germany Pic 1  - Pic 2 & Pic 3  (Im the good looking one on the left haha)
  2. Welcome from the coast of South Carolina. Tons of info dealing with types of wood for types of meat.

    Smell Smoke
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    Basically I am wanting to grill on a swedish fire torch. Ive made them before camping and in my backyard, but those times I have only used pine. This time I want to use a wood that I can grill on. I have the perfect size round shaped grill that I can sit on the top. 

    I am wanting an easy to access type wood that obviously i can buy in a log and then cut down myself. Im thinking Oak might be my best bet but im unsure if it will burn well. I wouldnt mind it flaming up at the start for a bit of a sit around and a beer and then when the fire subsides we can throw some steaks on.

    Anyone have any ideas what type of wood would be best for this. Has to be easy to burn and easy to find. Not so concerned about having exotic or special flavors, plain n simple flavor will be fine.
  4. please dont use pine 
  5. goindeep

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    I'm not. That's what I said. Lol, thats why Im here asking for another tip...
  6. oak is great 

    not familiar with your wood options 

    others here will be 
  7. goindeep

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    Pretty much want to do some beef back ribs on the open grill and then some short cuts on my volcano stone flat plate grill maybe some eye round or shoulder medallions. Follow that up with some pork and chicken skewers.
  8. Hey mate. Southeast sa here.
    Sounds like a great idea bit I think you'll struggle with the wood.
    If your into full flavors you couldn't pass up a nice bit of red gum.
    That would be the easiest to secure.
    I think all the others like your fruit trees, oak etc will be hard to find as they are either to small or used in other trades.
    But let us know how it goes. Could be a great simple camping cook up

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    Yeah thanks mate. That's why I'm wanting to do it, bit of a challenge really. I'm overseas at the moment but as soon as I get back i'll be doing a bit of a drive around to try and source some well burning oak. I want to use it for 3 stages. Stage 1, the burn, basically just a bit of fun like any fire, Stage 2 the cook, I have two ways of cooking on a swedish fire torch and that is to use an open grill with slots and the second is to use a round grill stone, porous basalt preferably and the third would be to either use a special wood made for grilling and smoking e.g. cherry or to flavor my own oak logs with sweet fruit juices or rum, wine, beer etc and then kiln dry them and use the log for the swedish fire torch itself and cook on it :)
  10. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a cool and rainy looking day in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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