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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by buster3931, Feb 17, 2016.

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    Hi guys,
    I've had a fleeting interest in smoked foods for a while Until I was at a Christmas party last year and the host had prepared ribs in a Hark reverse smoker. Due to some cunning bargaining with various family members and work mates I have acquired a 95L / 25 gal gas bottle and a smaller gas bottle for the fire box. Also have lined up some 100mm / 4" stainless pipe bends,barrel Union. Just on the lookout for a butterfly valve as a throttle . Failing that I'll fab something up to throttle the chimney.

    Currently I am installing a swim spa and decking so the smoker will have a place in the kitchen off to one side when all is finished. At the moment all my time is taken up with this project but slowly I'm getting bits together and finding time to do little bits to keep this project moving.

    Love looking over the site and getting better ideas on different parts.
    I hope to keep a running thread of the build so if anyone sees me going about something wrong please pick me up and offer better suggestions.

    Thanks for letting me in
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    Welcome to SMF, Marty!

    Looking forward to seeing your build progress.

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    This is where I pour a mug of coffee, and watch.

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