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  1. Had my first smoke yesterday, went with the basic rib recipe for WSM. It said to have the top vent fully open and the bottom three 1/3 open, with 1.5 charcoal starters of briquettes. Temp seemed high but I figured this would give me a benchmark for future. It ran at about 260 and at 3.5 hours the coals died. The recipe said the coals should be good for 4.5 hours so that didn't pan out. I lit some more and added them but then it was up to 290 so way too hot. I assume I'll have to close the bottom vents more? Need to do more research on this. All in all, despite a few issues, the ribs were fantastic. I'm sure they could be even better though.
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  2. I get an error when trying to look at your pic.
  3. Yes I see there's an issue with the pic. Apparently this site doesn't upload pics the usual way? Typically I just copy the URL link out of photobucket and presto there's a pic. Guess I'll have to look into that.
  4. Thanks for the link, can't get it to work though. I copy the URL out of photobucket into the q-view, press use URL and get the message that it doesn't appear to be an image?
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    You will need to load your pics in a folder somewhere on your computer.  Then use the link instructions to load them here.  Actually Photobucket pics like this are an off site link....and not really allowed.

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    Nice ribs!  Good job.

  7. Ribs look great!
  8. Thanks, they turned really good considering I had some temp issues and had the fire die. I need to bone up on my adding charcoal process and play around with the vents to get the temp down 25 or so degrees.
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    They look tasty to me!


  10. Ribs look really good to me too - I'd sure enjoy eating them!  [​IMG]
  11. They made an excellent mid afternoon snack. Since it was my first try I thought I'd play it safe and not count on it for dinner but as it turns out they were just fine. A bit too much Cumin flavour coming through for my liking, I don't usually use Cumin so I will cut that back a bit for the next rub. I'm looking forward to my next attempt, perhaps a big rack of beef ribs [​IMG]
  12. On my new WSM I have one bottom vent closed all the way and two opened about a quarter and can run 225-240 for 14 hrs plus.
  13. Thanks, I'll try it that way next time

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