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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cdn offroader, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Looking for some help from our cousins across the pond. An expat UK'er over here wants some gammon. It looks like, after extensive research online, that it is a cured, cold-smoked pig is this different than ham?

    I talked it over with my friend and they insist it is different. Need some help here.
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    Gammon is the name given to the meat from the hind legs of a pig that has been cured in the same way as bacon. The main difference between gammon and ham is that gammon will be sold raw and needs to be cooked; ham is sold cooked or dry-cured and ready for eating.
  3. Yeah, same stuff I came up with Dave. Was thinking there must be some other steps being missed. "Cured the same as bacon" doesn't mean much, as we know it can be done a number of ways. Saw some posts saying it was cured still attached to the bacon and then seperated after curing, so maybe its a shorter curing time? rather than the 30ish days we would cure a ham here. The recipes I've found look like a ham cure to me done for less time. salt to sagar ratio about 2:1 plus curing agent(many called for saltpeter, would use cure#1) and cured for 14 days using an injection/dry rub combination.

    So after all this, it still seems to be a cold smoked ham.., aka becomes ham once cooked
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    I don't have anything else to add as everything discussed so far is what I know too. I am interested in hearing anything new and would live to see this project!

    I'd be tempted to go to the following blog and and PM the owner. He's seems to have a good handle on curing.

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