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  1. So Mrs. NavyJeremy had her Gall Bladder removed today. I am sure that some of you have had yours removed also. Is there any insider tips that you could give us on diet and foods that are a must to stay away from. I am hoping that she will still me able to eat some of the smokey goodness that comes out of the GOSM, but if not then I will just have to cook it for one[​IMG]
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    Hello brother,

    Sorry to here of that.

    With her GB out she will have more difficulty with fat digestion. So lean, or a slow smoke rendering as much fat out as possible will be important.

    She can also try digestive enzymes and or bile salts as supplements when she eats food that is somewhat fatty.

    Lastly if she still has problems with gas bloating and dumping from the fat there are prescription medications that can help. They are actually designed to bind up the cholesterol in your GI tract.
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    Some folks have problems with some food but I've never had a single problem with any particular food since having mine removed years ago.
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    Hey NavyJ, my mom in law had her gall bladder removed several years ago and she LOVES my 'que especially my pulled pork as I remove the fat that doesn't render out. She loves my ribs too just doesn't like having to eat the meat off the bone-

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