Fruit Wood Chips For MES - What do you use?

Discussion in 'Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (MES) Owners' started by polishsmoker, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. polishsmoker

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    So, I have tried using my own pruning's from my apple, cherry & peach tree's with limited success.

    What do you use?

    If using your own pruning's - Should you season them first?

    How long? 

    I have also tried Cowboy Brand Chips purchased from Lowe's with limited success. 

    What do you use?

    Please tell me your Fruit Wood hints, tips and tricks

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  2. chef jimmyj

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  3. Ted,

    I checked, and I have Pecan, Cherry and Apple Cowboy chips from Lowe's. I've not had any issues using them. The nut/fruit chips get used for the "in between smokes" like smoking Canadian Bacon.

    That said ... As Chef JimmyJ said, I mainly use an Amazen Pellets 18" tube smoker with the mailbox mod for most of my smoking. This provides a long period of smoke for pulled pork. I also use it for cold smoking bacon.
  4. Ted,

    I use Apple, Cherry, Peach, Mable, and Pecan chips from cowboy in my 40 MES. I mix Apple and Pecan for most smoke ( Beef prime rib, pork spare ribs, and pork chops). I use the MES cold smoker attachment for my 40 MES.

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