From Kelvinator to Hotrod

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by schoms, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Cool looking smoker
  2. I baught this Kelvinator from a guy on Craigslist and it was used as a wood/charcoal unit. I wanted to convert the frig to gas and thats what I did. When I first baught the frig it was painted a blue metallic with silver matallic flames. Looked cool but I wanted the Hotrod look. I added a grab bar on the back along with 2 handles on the sides, I then added the wood mount for the bottom of the smoker and added 4 pnumatic wheels on casters. 2 stationary on the back and 2 swiveling on the front. Next I added a false bottom on the fridge made of ply wood and covered it in galvanized sheet metal. After the false bottom was added I mounted two brackets bent out of flat steele and attached my grill burner. Next I added the controls and knob and connected my lp lines. Once the conversion was complete I decided to give it a facelift with the flat black and gloss flames on the bottom. I couldnt be more happier with how this turned out.
  3. you did a better job, love them flames
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  4. now you need a complimenting Beer fridge to go with it
  5. No kiddin!
  6. also I gotta ask are you stick building that plane? or rebuilding one?
  7. It is a buddy from work. I believe he is rebuilding.
  8. cool, nice job on that smoker
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    That smoker is way cool! Super job!!
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    Looks super! My only questions would be, why did you go with galvinized sheet metal? Is the metal exposed inside the unit?
  11. It is, but I dont think it would get warm enough to be harmful or would it?
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    Wow that turned out great - nice work 
  13. some say yes it can, others say no it won't I have heard that it would take temps of 700 degrees b4 it would put out any gasses, but I sure aint a metalurgist either, but It sure seems like some smokers like the big chiefs are made from galvanized, but I could be wrong about that too
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    I'm not an expert, but there are others on this site who are. I've just read that the conventional wisdom is to not used anything galvinized in a smoker.

    (I think the Big Chief smokers are aluminum.)
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  15. I want one! I want one!

    That is way too cool.
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    Yes you did one fine job on the new smoker. My Dad had a refrig like that one that poured beer. My Mother got with a local bar owner (Pete's est. 1927) and they made one to hold keg beer. My folks partied alot even had a custom bar in the houses back room. 

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