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Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by gstinton, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. gstinton

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    I recently picked up a 50's era refrigerator for a conversion.  This will be my first build and I'm looking for a bit of advice.  Attached are photos and my list of tasks to accomplish.  Feel free to share your thoughts and fill in any blanks I might be missing. 

    1. Remove gasket, door panel, freezer box, fridge racks, lightbulb, condenser, and gray flashing around inner compartment.

    2. Cut hole in the bottom of the fridge for heating element  with a jigsaw (propane for convenience, with charcoal pan when I've got the time).

    3. Cut a hole in the top for a smokestack using a hole saw.

    4. Cut 3-4 holes in the side near the heating element for a damper using a hole saw.

    5. Mount new iron shelving to hold new racks.

    6. Replace the flashing with new sheet metal.

    7. Replace the inner door panel with sheet metal, replace the gasket, and add a temp guage.

    8. Paint after a few seasoning runs.
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  2. cadillac forge

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    good looking fridge to start with, looks like you got a good plan so far best advice I can give ya is read every post on the forum

    and get after it take progress pics and post often, run into problems ask specific questions, I finished mine a couple of yrs ago and love it, in the process of another build currently it has already sold   good luck
  3. gstinton

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    I appreciate the reply.  I probably won't get started for a week or two, but I will be posting updates as I make progress.  

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