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Discussion in 'Pork' started by reannalynne, Jun 26, 2014.

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    I just picked up a 20# fresh ham from the butcher shop. There are only two of us in the household, so I had them quarter it, leaving me with 4-5# hams.  Do I have to brine it before smoking, or can I smoke it without brining to give it a different flavor? What is the recommended method? I am not making it today, but probably Tuesday. Right now I have it in the freezer, but should I take it out and let it sit in the fridge until Tuesday?

    I am really new to this, and would be smoking on an el cheapo smoker. Any advice would be great; I searched fresh ham and saw so many things I don't know where to start.
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    i would start by defrosting them now that will take a day,and getting them in a brine if your going to use one.i would say it all depends on what of flavor and texture your looking for,with out brine it will taste like a regular pork roast,if you brine it using cure#1"pops brine is very good" it will have a ham taste,I don't think you have enough time before tuesday to actually cure it, so make sure to smoke it at a high enough could just brine it with what ever flavors you like for a day or so and then smoke it."type in brines in the search on top of page,there lot's of info there"don't worry about type of smoker,it's more about the person behind the smoker, good luck i'm sure there will be more people along that know more than i do but it's a start.
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    They aren't frozen yet, I literally JUST put them in the freezer. If I take it out now it will be thawed still.

    So it will just taste like a pork roast if I don't brine it? I might try it that way, then.  Is it possible to pull it or is it not a good enough cut of meat for that?
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    if they were real fresh when you bought them and your fridge is good and cold i would say they will hold up until tuesday,but if you have any worries about that just go ahead and freeze them and pull them out sunday as long as your not looking to brine them,if your looking to brine them i'd pull them out sat.and put them in a brine sunday,i don't think they would be to good for pulled pork,butts and shoulders are better for that.they are just to lean.

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