Fresh Corn Fritters - the Perfect Side Dish!

Discussion in 'Veggies' started by smokinvegasbaby, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. I found some beautiful ears of fresh corn the other day at the grocery store - so I made myself a batch of Fresh Corn Fritters.  They were really good for something different.

    For step-by-step recipe go to my blog

    Here's my "veggie-view"

    Fresh Corn Fritters served with Hot Sweet Sticky Wings the perfect Thursday night football munchies!

  2. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Wait a minute, Thursday night football?? Have you been holding out on us for three days???

    Looks fantastic Josie!
  3. LOL....oh so sorry. was busy on Friday so I'm posting this recipe a little late [​IMG]won't happen again tee-hee!
  4. Awesome! tried them last night made from some local sweet corn. Thanks for the recipe.
  5. CDN offroader you're welcome.  Did you take any pics??

    Be Blessed,

    Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby
  6. superdave

    superdave Smoking Fanatic

    I've been tempted to make these.  Do you put anything on them or eat them as they are on the plate?
  7. Sorry Josie, no pics. They looked like yours, just not as nicely rounded.
  8. Hey SuperDave - I didn't put anything on them.  After you make the first batch taste one and if you feel like you need to add something to it go for it!  I personally like to taste the flavor of all that fresh corn. Enjoy!

    Stay Blessed,

  9. no worries about the pics my question to you..................did you and your family enjoy them?[​IMG]
  10. yep, we all enjoyed them, Cheers.[​IMG]  
  11. [​IMG]glad you all enjoyed them.  Have a great weekend CDC offroader.

    Be Blessed,

  12. superdave

    superdave Smoking Fanatic

    After thinking about it, all day, I've concluded that I want a small dollop of cilantro or chipotle ranch as a tartar sauce of sorts. 
  13. that sounds good :eek:)  glad you've been thinking about it all day pics of YOUR creation SuperDave.

    Be Blessed,

  14. superdave

    superdave Smoking Fanatic

    Okay, SVB, I just put a fire under the oil.  Pics and details to follow.
  15. can't wait to see your pics. 

    Josie (SVB)
  16. superdave

    superdave Smoking Fanatic

    I canned a bunch of salmon a few weeks ago so I thought while I was going to be doing some frying, I'd fry up some salmon patties with the corn fritters.  I found a corn fritter recipe that was almost hush puppy like and thought that would be a good match for the patties. Hub&soid=sr_results_p1i1

    The fritters were just unbelievable!  A little crunch on the outside and soft, pillowy on the inside.

    Salmon patties coated in cracker crumbs and ready for some hot oil treatment.

    Time to sit down and enjoy!

  17. Everything looks amazing! Good job :eek:)
  18. waterinholebrew

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    Looks good SJ, lookin real tasty for sure ! Thumbs Up

    Bro J
  19. I agree it looks real tasty but this is "Super Dave's" post Bro J.  Hope all is well with you and the fam.  Say "hey" to Nicole and the kids.

    Chat with ya soon.

    Sister J
  20. Clarification post is above and Super Dave's is the last one

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