Freezing Jalapenos for ABT's later?

Discussion in 'ABT's' started by iron city, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. My wife has just returned from her family's farm with a wonderful gift. My brother in law sent me a bushel of Jalapenos. Now, I could make enough ABT's to feed about 5 people (25 abts per person min) but I have to freeze these babies as I don't want to waste em.

    Has anyone froze jalapenos for use later in ABTs? I was thinking about slicing them in half, seeding them and then blanching for about 30 seconds then to an ice bath then to a foodsaver bag and into the freezer? What do you folks think I should do?
  2. scarbelly

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    If I was going to do that, I would follow your procedure as you wrote it but I would put the individual peppers on a sheet pan and freeze them before vac sealing- I think they will last longer an not crush when you seal them  
  3. Peppers do not need to be blanched to freeze, I just freeze them, they do get a little limp when they thaw out. I have used them cooking this way but have never tried abts.
  4. garyt

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    Freezing breaks down the cell walls and makes them too mushy for ABT'S in my opinion.
  5. tjoff

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    I agree w/ garyt.  they will be too mushy once thawed to make ABTs.  Ok to cook with in other recipes but not ABTs
  6. frosty

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    You could smoke them and dehydrate them, then grind them up to a powder for an excellent Jalapeno powder.
  7. scarbelly

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    Interesting that you have experienced the mushiness with the peppers. We get so many here in this area that I halve them then IQF them and use them all the time - I admit I have not made ABT's with them but have used them in fresh pico de gallo and sauces with no issue. 
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    I've tried several times to freeze peppers and it never really work that well. They are ok to use for cooking but not for anything that required a whole pepper with any fortitude left in it. If you have a water bath canning setup you could pickle them.
  9. grinder

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    Agree with both.
  10. jwbtulsa

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    put some in a basket with some tomatos, an onion, and garlic; perhaps a bunch of cilantro. give it away as a Pico Xmas gift
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    X2! I had a surplus of peppers last fall and decided to dry and grind the extras. Out of the seven varieties I have, the jalapeno powder is by far the best for adding awesome flavor to lots of different dishes without adding a ton of heat. I just realized this post is a little old but it still seemed worth sharing. 
  12. Look up pickled jalpeno for canning take away the dill to make it sour I do all my jalpeno that way stay fresh. Just the end off leave the seeds if you really imterested let me know I got about a month left ill post pics and detail on how to do it
  13. I have frozen ABTs several times and they turn out fine.  When I've got a big Q planned, I try to do as much as possible before to avoid not being worn out when the guests arrive, and also allow me to get in some golf.  I make the ABTs, sometimes months in advance, put them in a bag and vacuum seal them.  I put them on the smoker (225 to 250 degrees) about 3 hours before the guests arrive, and I can't tell the difference.  If you doubt this, do like I did and test about 6.  Good luck!
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