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Discussion in 'Pork' started by les3176, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Went to the local grocery store with the wife tonight and got a big surprise.They had pork loins on sale buy one get one free!!! Bought 2 ten pounders at 4.99 a pound and got 2 9.5 pounders for free!!!!Then i found some babyback ribs on clearance so i got those too, plus a pork butt for tomorrow.The wife just kept rolling her eyes at me!!! She won't care when she eating that loin!Got to talkin with the butcher behind the counter and he's a really nice guy said i could order anything i wanted, they do custom grinding and if i wanted anything to let him know and he would keep a eye out for the nicer cuts for me!!I might have to split my meat buying between them and my true local butcher shop! I truely belive in being good to your butcher so i will take him some q to help in my quest for nice cuts!--LES
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    You gotta love them deals.
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    Dang, you shoulda filled up the freezer!
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    Heck of a deal... I agree you should have filled the freezer...
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    I always check the meat counter for mark downs.. yesterday at walmart i got 9 bb's for 1.89 a lb 4 whole loins .99 a lb 2 butts 6 thick ribeyes and 2 packs of beef loins that went straght to the grill with some hunky rub on them
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    Yea it's nice to good to your local butcher. I carry them some smoked meats from time to time and that gets me alot of good stuff too. Now I get to pick out my bellies for bacon and I also get some really good deals too. It's like the old days when someone helps you you help them. I wish we could go back to thoses days. The world would be a nicer place then.
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