Found a steal on an XL BGE, have questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tcofer, Oct 5, 2014.

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    I found a brand new, in the box xl bge with nest on CL for $550. I thought it was too good to be true but it was!! I have a weber smoky mountain and in all fairness (to the wife) I will be parting with it to help fund my new egg. I do have some questions on the BGE.

    Can I leave it outside? WIll I have issues keeping it at 150-160 for beef jerky (the WSM makes it easy) and how do I add wood for smoking during a cook?? the grate makes it more difficult to add fuel or wood for smoking. I have had the Akorn kamado for a few years and will be selling that as well so this isn't my first time using a Kamado....
  2. It may be a worst of all worlds for you.  I don't believe the warranty is transferable on a BGE.  If you have an Akorn, their efficiency is on par with each other, with the same challenges for adding charcoal or smoke wood.  It can be tough to adjust most kamado units to give a stable 150, due to their high insulating factor.  Less insulated units, such as the WSM are easier to hold stable low temperatures. What you will get is a good dealer network to order parts from (if you live in a major city).  I am not anti-kamado; I have an Akorn, and a Kamado Joe (big joe) is being delivered tomorrow.  I also own a WSM; each tool has it's strengths.
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    That's a steal for a xL in good shape!
    Temp control takes a bit of practice but once the sweat spots are found, the rest will be easy.
    I have a L and a mini. I have since stoped using my weber since I started collecting eggs.
    Adding fuel once lit shouldn't be an issue. A full bottom will stay lit for hours without refueling..
  4. Nice score. The BGE doesn't do well that low. About 200° is about as low as you can expect. As far as adding fuel. They will go hours without adding fuel. I have only had to add fuel a couple of times.Lets see some pics of that bad boy!

    Happy smoken.


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